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Race Report: Alex Zanchettin takes TQ and Win at AMSCI Championship


The AMSCI National Italian Nitro Buggy championship kicked off last weekend at the Naxos World track. TLR and Pro-Line team driver Alex Zanchettin took the TQ and started off strong into the final. Alessandro Stocco, Davide Ongaro and Riccardo Berton tried to follow while Davide Tortorici fall back to the end of the field following some some first lap contacts.

20 minutes into the race Alex was still in the lead while Berton and Ongaro battled for second place. Tortorici and Stocco where in a fight for the fourth place while on top the positions seemed cemented with Alex, Riccardo and Davide being the top 3. With 10 minutes to go Riccardo Rabitti and Fabrizio Teghesi battled for forth but up front Alex Zanchettin took a never endangered win in front of Riccardo Berton and Davide Ongaro. Riccardo Rabitti  and Fabrizio Teghesi finished 4th  and 5th respectively.

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