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Race Report: 2014 Grass Roots with Greg McGlothlin


This past weekend I raced at Pro-Line for round 2 of Grass Roots. Saturday was nitro day. I ran Big Blox the first round of quals I was on a tq and the wind got the car and I flipped. 2nd round I went the wrong way with my setup and did horrible, I ended up in b main. I changed some things on the car and went to Blockades and car was so much better in the main. I ended up breaking a axle. Bummer day. Sunday was the electric day  in 2wd Sc I qualed 4th and ended up 5th in the main. car was ok. My Pro-Line tires and body worked amazing the whole day. In 1/8 E buggy I had a rough qual day sitting in 3rd. start of the main I took the lead and lead the whole race. I used M3 Blockades. I lapped the field. Great race for me and Pro-Line. Looking forward to the next race.

Best regards,
Greg McGlothlin