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Coyote Hobbies video with Sean Miles

So this past weekend tried to get down to IERC to practice for the JBRL event race but it seemed like everything under the sun was preventing me from getting there. By the time I finally got there they where closed. So I was bummed and I ended up driving to my pop’s house in Victorville, CA. I went to a sleep from a 13 hour work day and woke up at 10:30 am.. The race started at 8:30!

I called and talked them and they told me they had 401 entries and there are people in line trying to sign up. When they told me that I need to bring a table, I knew I wasn’t going to race. So I was out of luck. I had practiced so hard at my local track OCRC in Huntington Beach, CA for this event.

So, since I was in Victorville I called Coyotes Hobbies and was welcome with open arms. They are super cool down there. Customer service was excellent!!!

When life gives you lemon’s you make lemonade and the great services just makes it that much sweeter! Thanks guys!