Factory Team / Race Events

Pro-Line Driver Gabriel Galeano wins with PRO-2 SC!

My PRO-LINE PRO-2 SC Truck was ready to do battle in 2wd Short Course at THE TRACK RACEWAY. This car is unbelievably fast! The suspension is great and the steering is very good. My Pro-Line M4 Suburbs were hooked to the ground together with the Hy-traction Juice. I also installed a VTX10R with a 17.5t from Viper.


I got TQ in all 3 classes. 2wd buggy mod, stadium truck mod and 2wd sct mod with the PRO-LINE PRO-2 truck. It runs very good. PRO-2 is on fire!

Got TQ & 1st Place in 2wd Short Course Modified with the PRO-2 SC. This car is awesome! This was my first time running this PL PRO-2 and it is fast. I Got TQ & 1st Place in Stadium Truck Mod and got TQ & 2nd Place in 2wd Buggy Mod. Great weekend !!!


And next Saturday I will be traveling to MBRC for the Cabin Fever Cash Race. I will definitely be meeting new drivers there. Can’t wait for these 2 races !!