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Pro-Line Driver Colton Kiefer Takes E-Buggy win with ION tires!


Pro-Line Driver Colton Kiefer attended the 2014 Chi Town Shootout hosted by Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, Illinois this past weekend.  Check out his report below! Great work Colton!

I was planning on running 2 wheel mod, 4 wheel mod, and 1/8 E-Buggy.  The schedule was setup for practice for all day Thursday and Friday Morning, then 2 rounds of qualifying on Friday afternoon and 2 on Saturday with the mains on Sunday.

I struggled with my cars during qualifying.  I ended up 5th in the D main of 2 wheel mod, 5th in the B main of 4 wheel mod and 3rd in the A in E-Buggy.  I was bouncing between MC and M4 tires all weekend.  I ended up with MC ION Tires on 2 wheel and 4 wheel.  I decided to go with M4 ION Tires for the E-Buggy.

For the mains I did not change the setup on my car. I rebuilt the diffs and shocks and left all my other settings alone.

First up was the 2 wheel main.  I had some trouble with traffic, but my car was really good.  I ended in 4th.

In 4 wheel I was qualified 5th in the B main.  I had a good race but made a couple of mistakes and ended up 5th.

For E-Buggy I wanted to just drive my line and stay clean. After the start, I caught a tube and it put me back a couple of seconds behind the leaders. I started laying down some good clean laps and found myself in the lead on lap 7.  I did not realize that both 1st and 2nd had gotten tangled up. I drove clean and was listening to where second and third were on the track. They ran into traffic and made some mistakes.  I was able to pull away and finish the race with a 10 second lead.

This makes 2 in a row for me the Chi Town Shoot out in E-Buggy!


Colton Kiefer