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Pro-Line Scale Accessories to Customize your Twin Hammers


FH2 01

The Vaterra Twin Hammers is one of the latest Rock buggy / Racer vehicles that has taken the industry by storm. It balances the cross over from Rock Crawler to Rock Racer and even a Baja Style race vehicle. There are so many options and so many directions you can go in detailing it and Now Pro-Line has gone further with more new products to further increase the scale realism of this awesome machine.

Like in my original Project Garage build,  I removed the stock Body Panels, Wheels and Tires. I first noticed that the Hex drives to not fit that well to the wheels so I installed 2x pair of our  6098-00 PRO-2 Rear Clamping Hex’s and also custom built 2x pair of scale looking wheel center hubs from our 6070-02 Pro-Line Body Mount Secure-Loc Cap Kits. I ground down the outer flange lip with a Dremel and added a drop of blue lock tight to each cap nuts threshed portion to stay on securely. These modifications will hold the wheels firmly in place with a tight fit and adds a touch of scale realism to the wheel centers

FH2 03

For a wheel Tire combination, I choose our New 2747-15 Denali 1.9” Black/Black Scale 8 Spoke Bead lock wheels. To keep with the scale theme, I installed our original 1163-14 Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 1.9” G8 Compound Rock Terrain Truck Tires. These are a little smaller than our newer / larger 1197-14 XL Versions but they give me the Scale appearance and keep the buggy layout more uniform.

FH2 06

Turning to the body selection and details, I decided to add our 3238-40 Baja bug body. Steve Burges from Rugspin Graphix applied the base Falken paint scheme (Awesome Job) and I finished it off with Falken and the P-L Decal sheets. For the finishing touch, I applied my desert weathered pain treatment for a scale realistic appearance.

FH2 08

The 3238-40 Baja Bug body is not a direct fit to the Twin Hammers. You will need to narrow the cage cross member directly above the battery compartment. I trimmed just enough off the cross member so the cage was pulled in to align with the body in the areas where I trimmed it out as shown in the photos. It fits really snug but with a little effort it can be made to work.

FH2 05

After some trimming I next added our 6085-00 Performance Off-Road Crawler / Desert Truck Light bar kit for the light bar, I made custom mounts by using Axial angled rod ends and a longer set screw’s to join them together.

TH 10

Next I decided to finish it off with some of our scale crawler accessories. I used the battery and Power inverter from our #6074-00 Assortment to simulate an ignition box #6 and the fire extinguisher from our #6075-00 Scale Assortment #7, and the Jack, Shovel and Pry Bar from our #6045-00 Assortment #2, Impact Gun and Hammer came from assortment #5 #6073-00, and finally the Nitro Bottle and fuel Pumps from our #6105-00 Assortment #8


Whichever scale rig you are building, you really need you check out our Scale Accessories assortments.  We offer over 8 different Accessories assortments, Bumper sets, Roof Racks and Light bar combinations. No other company offers you this much variety in scale / highly detailed accessories to fully detail your rig.

FH2 05

Putting the final touches on the Twin Hammers, I added some K&S thin aluminum sheeting for fabricating the role cage interior side panels. I also fabricated the dual rear tire rack by removing the stock single rack and trimming the two rear cross bars from the sub assembly. I secured a pair of the 1163-14 Interco TSL SX Super Swamper Tires to 2747-15 Denali 1.9” Black/Black Scale 8 Spoke Bead lock wheel.  Modifying the rear cross bars, I was able to secure them by running the cross bars though the wheel’s spoke holes. It is best to tighten one side of both the upper and lower tube before installing the tires. This makes it easy to tighten the other side securely.

FH2 04

The Vaterra Twin Hammers is an awesome looking rig. It is possibly one of the most versatile platforms from which you can create many different types of trucks

However you decide to detail your Twin Hammers, be sure to check out all of these cool accessories we here at Pro-Line Racing have to offer.