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Race Report: Motorama with Pete Davagian

Pro-Line driver Pete Davagian attended Motorama last week where there were several P-L drivers in attendance (I know Anthony Mazzara and Mike Aliberti for two, and I’m sure others as well) . Motorama is a major weekend long event held in Harrisburg, PA. the event includes arena-cross, go-kart, and two separate tracks of RC racing in addition to car shows and much more. On average 50,000 spectators walk through the event each weekend.

I bumped up from the B main in mod truck to finish 5th in the A-main, running M4 Suburbs all around and a Bulldog body.

I had a rough time with my 2wd buggy throughout the weekend struggling with changing track conditions, and ended finished 2nd in the D-main; a class with 100 entries itself. I ran M4 IONs and M3 Scrubs on my buggy with a Bulldog body.

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