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Pro-Line driver Greg McGlothlin wins at Grass Roots with Blockade Tires!


This past weekend Pro-Line Driver Greg McGlothlin raced the first round of the Grass Roots Series in Palm Desert, CA. We had a decent turn out both days.

Saturday was the electric day, and Sunday being the nitro day. I raced on Saturday in 2wd expert short course. I used M3 Hole Shot tires all day with my Pro-Line Toyota Tundra Flo-Tek body. After two rounds of qual’s I managed to get 4th. It wasn’t what I wanted but had trouble with my set-up all day. Main event I battled hard and almost had 2nd place but I settled for 3rd which wasn’t too bad.

I also race 1/8th electric buggy with Pro-Line Blockade tires. First round of quals I had an 18 second faster run then the current TQ holder. Unfortunately, I had ESC troubles witch brought it down to a second overall. After round 2 I took TQ by a lap.

For the main event I had a horrible start. I got turned around before I even hit the first turn. After getting in my groove and doing one lap at a time! I battled for 2nd on the last lap just missing it by a second. Ended up 3rd not to bad.

Sunday was nitro day. I have been having problems the last few years in this class. I raced expert 1/8th buggy. Round 1 the car was good but needed to get better. I changed to Blockade tires and made a few set up changes. After round 2 I ended up taking the TQ by 5 seconds! This made me feel so happy!

For the main event I changed just the shock oil to keep up with the track. At the start of the 20 minute race, it was a 4 car battle for about 2 minutes. I stepped on the gas and started to pull a lead. I had a 3 second lead on 2nd– 4th but knowing that they only had to pit once and I had to pit twice just made me push even harder. After the first round of pits I came out 4th and was about 2 seconds behind the guys that haven’t pitted yet. I just drove hard and clean. Once they pitted and I had a clean track, I just pushed my self. I averaged a 21.4 lap time which was a half a second faster then my qual runs. Once I did my last pit stop I came out with a 2 second lead and I just drove. The last few laps I started to get very nervous since I haven’t lead a nitro race in so long. I mean, the last big win for me was back in 2007 in nitro. So 2nd place started to catch up a slight but in the end I managed to get the win and I had tears in my eyes just because how much it meant to me!

Greg McGlothlin