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Race Report: 2014 Reedy International Race of Champions with Cody King


This was Pro-Line Driver Cody King’s first Reedy Race, and he was excited to get asked to run the invite class. “We’re really proud of the work we did with the RB6 set-up, getting on pace with guys who run indoors on clay all the time. Cody’s lap times were competitive, and he narrowly missed getting fast lap in round 3. Sitting 3rd after 3 rounds in 2 wheel was nice, but we knew Cody’s starting positions were much lower for the remaining 9 rounds of racing. His grid positions in the last 3 rounds were literally 10-9-9.. not sure how he ends up in the back row for the 3 closing rounds in a row, just (bad) luck of the draw I guess. From what we learned, all the grid positions are planned ahead of time, and the guys draw numbers out of a hat. Once you draw a number, all the heats and starting grid positions are set for the entire 12 rounds. Pretty wild.”

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The 4 wheel car was a nice surprise. We didn’t put much time on it, and it was basically right off the track from Worlds. We softened the suspension and put ball diffs in, and away we went. Softening the rear shock oil made a huge difference and suddenly Cody was competitive in the 3rd round.


All in all we felt like this was a successful outing. Running up front in several heats, having competitive lap times, and nailing the set-up of the 2 wheel drive car were all positives. It felt good to see people asking for Cody’s 2 wheel set-up (basically the whole team). The set-up can be found here. Cody had some bad luck in some cases, and made some mistakes of his own in others. We really felt like his finishing position could have been much better, but we have to settle for the top half of the invite class this time.


We hope to be back next year. Enjoy the pictures and video montage!


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