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Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 Performance Short Course Truck on a Budget – Part 3


Welcome to the third and Final Installment of Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 Performance short course truck on a Budget. The PRO-2 SC takes everything we have produced in SC Accessories into one complete kit. For those of you on a budget, The PRO-2 may seem out of reach, however the good news is that most all the PRO-2 components are interchangeable with your stock Slash 2WD. This means you can purchase key PRO-2 components over time with the end result being a truck just like the 4001-00 PRO-2 Kit.

Gather Your PRO-2 Performance Parts for Part 3

In part 3, we will be installing the final components that will finish transforming your 2WD Slash SC trick into a high performance / full blown PRO-2, we will be installing the key components of the drive system as well as some other finishing touches. These components will be the 6092-00 Performance Transmission,  6092-16 Heavy Duty Motor Washers and Screws kit, the 6099-00 PRO-2 ProTrac Axle Kit, the 6092-14 PRO-2 Rear Bumper, 6100-00 4mm Serrated Wheel Lock Nuts


Installing the PRO-2 Performance Transmission

First, you want to remove the stock bumper and disconnect your motor from the stock transmission. Next unhook the body post mount from the rear shock tower as well as the upper camber links from the rear hubs. Also disconnect the rear control arms from the stock transmission base and set the stock transmission aside.


Now we are ready to assemble the new components. Remove the out drives from the 6099-00 PRO-2 Axle kit and attach them to the PRO-2 Performance transmission prior to installation. It is much easier to install them before mounting the transmission to the chassis. You can also pre-assemble the PRO-2 drive shafts at this time and set them aside for installation later.


Remove the toe block from the PRO-2 Performance transmission base and re-attach the lower control arms.  Slide the transmission and toe block into place, and secure the transmission / toe block sub assembly to the PRO-2 Chassis. At this time you can also re-attach the rear body mount to the shock tower.  Next, install the 6099-00 PRO-2 Axles into the rear hubs and re-attach the rear camber links. Since we will be installing the 6092-14 PRO-2 Rear Bumper, you will not need the transmission motor guard. Remove it from the motor plate and placed in your spare parts box for safe keeping.


Re attach your motor to the PRO-2 Performance Transmission with the 6092-16 Heavy Duty Motor Washers and Screws kit. Make sure you re-adjust your pinion spacing before fully tightening the screws.  Now assemble and install the 6092-14 PRO-2 Rear Bumper. Install the clear cover over the Spur / pinion gear and check all of your connections and hardware to make sure everything is tight and assembled properly.


Further Upgrades – Shocks

You now have completed the main components to convert the transformation of a stock Slash 2WD into a Full blown PRO-2 Truck, there are still a few other details you can address. For shocks, we have two options.  You can go with the tried and proven 6063-00 Front / 6063-01 Rear Dual Rate Power Stroke shocks or you can go with our newer 6308-00 Front / 6308-01 Rear 12mm Big Bore Pro-Spec shocks. They both work great but I opted for the Pro-Spec versions. Which ever versions you choose, we offer a full line of tuning springs and support parts for both Powerstroke SC and Pro-Spec versions.


Short Course Body Selections

We have a great selection of Short Course Body’s to choose from both painted and unpainted. The body I chose for this project is the 3366-13 Pre-Painted Flo-Tek Ford F150 SVT Raptor Body in the Blue / Stealth Paint Scheme.  It fits my theme well and I like the performance advantage that the Flo-Tek body design offers. Which ever your body preference styles are, be sure to check out the 20+ different Short Course SC body options we have to offer in both painted and unpainted, as we have one you will be sure to like!


Congratulations, you have made it through the final installment, transforming your Stock 2WD Slash into a full PRO-2 SC truck on a budget.  I hope these series of articles was helpful to you and please remember we are here to help with any question you may have by contacting us are customerservice@prolineracing.com