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RC Truck Stop – Project Split Personalty Short Course Basher And Racer

This is a story of transformations, rebirth, second chances, rebuilding and ultimately new beginnings (yes, use your inner deep movie trailer voice while reading that). No, it’s not a Nicholas Sparks novel tuned into a Hollywood melodrama. I’m talking about a Traxxas Rustler stadium truck that was once reconfigured into a monster truck, bashed at the BMX track and skate park until it was a pile of bent and broken parts and then rebuilt and taken in an entirely new direction. As many of you know, I have a soft spot in my heart for versatile RC cars. While I like my specialized vehicles such as my carpet-only racers and my 2.2 comp crawlers (actually I’m kind over the latter), I love rigs that aren’t one-trick ponies. So, versatility was the mission with this build. I wanted to build a truck that could go directly from the backyard to the track. You get a lot for your money when you can get twice as much use out of a truck. I also wanted to maybe inspire a few people to see a pile of parts not as discarded junk, but instead as a plethora of potential….. CONTINUE READING AT RC TRUCK STOP.COM