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Hofer wins KIM Race Köngen Germany 2014

Patrick Hofer wins KIM Race 2014 in Köngen, Germany.


The KIM Race (Jan 11 – Jan 12, 2014) counted 120 entries.


Patrick TQ’d showing fastest lap time of approx 23sec/lap on the large indoor carpet track in Köngen. The Grip level was medium-carpet and clean driving style was important.

Saturday started with 2 trainings and 4 qualification runs. Patrick Hofer dominated the race and placed his 2wd and 4wd B4.2 and B44.2 on pole position.

Sunday began with the 5th qualification run which was either a warm up and for some driver the last change to get into the main finals. In 4wd class Hofer dominated the field and won 3 of 3 mains easily. Beni Gröschl finished on 2nd and Markus Metsch on 3rd.

In 2wd the fight between Beni Gröschl and Patrick Hofer was burning but Patrick crashed and Beni get the win. Patrick finished on 2nd. Luca Rau on 3rd.

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Patrick used the new Phantom buggy body in 2wd class. TQ and finished on 2nd behind Beni Gröschl.

The body has good rear traction and offers great handling for jumps.” – Patrick Hofer




1.) Patrick Hofer / Team Associated/ Pro-Line / REEDY/ HRC/ AVID/Funbrush

2.) Benni Gröschel /  Orion/ Team Durango

3.) Markus Metsch / Schumacher


1.) Benni Gröschel / Orion/ Team Durango

2.) Patrick Hofer / Team Associated/ Pro-Line / REEDY/ HRC/ AVID/Funbrush

3.) Luca Rau / Team Kyosho/ Orion


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