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Pro-Line Driver Michael Alberti Takes Regional Championship on ION tires!


This past weekend I attended the ROAR region 1 regionals at Wolcott hobbies in Waterbury CT. They put down a fresh layout and decided to make the event a three day program. Friday was open practice, Saturday was 2 and 4wd Short course and Sunday was 2 and 4wd buggy as well as stadium truck. I chose to enter 2wd modified buggy and modified stadium truck. The crew at Wolcott hobby did a great job running the program with Sunday alone bringing in roughly 125 entries. My first class up in round 1 was modified truck. I ran my RT6 a few laps Saturday night after day one was complete and didnt have to change my setup at all, truck felt really good on worn in M4 ION tires in the rear and new M4 ions in the front, first run I set the TQ time with a few small bobbles, I knew I could better my time in the following runs. Round 2 came around an unfortunately I was not able to run the round as my RT6 was hit in the warm up laps breaking my rear arm. Everyone seemed to go faster as I watched from the stand but nobody beat my time from round 1, still sitting TQ after 2 rounds. Round 3 rolls around, truck feels great and I start my run, quickly putting my previous TQ time in my rear view mirror and never looking back getting the 23rd lap in a 6:13, beating my previous 22 6:02 and re-setting the TQ. In the Truck A Main my RT6 was perfect and I won wire to wire, taking the Region 1 title in modified Stadium truck. The finishing order is as follows;

Mike Aliberti-Kyosho RT6 TQ

Neil Dickey-AE T4.2

John Cravotta -X Factory

Charles Prezansano-AE T4.2

Christian Tioc- AE T4.2

Barry Goodwin- AE T4.2

Greg Pace – AE T4.2

John Frazcatore-AE T4.2

Pete Martinez-AE T4.2

Jim Nargi-AE T4.2

Larry Bromell-AE T4.2

Winning equipment;

Kyosho RT6

TrakPower MS-1/6.5

TrakPower 90C 4600 short


2wd modified buggy was the biggest class of the event and had drivers from all over Region 1 in attendance. I ran a few laps in practice before the program started and overall my RB6 felt really good and showed good speed, making small changes every round to get the car better and better for the main. I settled on PL M4 worn in ION tires in the rear with a M4 full tread ION front. Round 1 was kind of a mixed bag for me, car was good, not great, and I had a few mistakes putting my 6th overall. I made a few small changes to the car and got ready for round 2. Round 2 was much better for me and the car but also for alot of the top guys too putting me 5th overall. Car is getting better. Made a few more small changes for round 3. Car was really good in the run and I ended up qualifying 4th overall.

The car got better and better with every change. The 2wd buggy A-main was here and I really felt confident in my car and I knew it was fast and stable to put in a mistake free run. The horn sounds and we are off, top 4 guys are all a few feet from one another for the first few laps, then a small mistake from 3rd place let me slip by with about 2 minutes left and 1st and 2nd only a straightaway ahead. I pushed as hard as I could to make up ground but also didn’t want to make a mistake myself and give up that last podium spot. the race was over and I ended up taking 3rd overall. I was very happy with the weekend winning one class and taking 3rd in the other. The finishing order is as follows;

Alex Kosciuszek-AE B4.2

Kyle Rhodes-Kyosho RB6

Mike Aliberti-Kyosho RB6

Charles Preznasano-AE C4.2

John Cravotta-X Factory X6 Cubed

Nick Powell-AE B4.2

Carl Doran-TLR 22

John Frazcatore-AE B4.2

Neil Dickey-AE B4.2

Christian Tioc AE-B4.2

Equipment used;

Kyosho RB6

TrakPower MS-1/8.5

TrakPower 90C 4600 short