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Pro-Line Driver Cody Wins Kyosho Fall Classic with HoleShot 2.0

Revelation Panorama

Revelation Raceway in Ontario, California once again hosted the Kyosho America sponsored Toys 4 Tots/Fall Classic race. The weather was very good and a nice turn out of drivers enjoyed the well prepared track. Cody provided the following report:

Qualifying started out pretty good. For qualifying tires I choose the Pro-Line Holeshot 2.0 in M3 compound. The track was being watered but the sun was out and drying the track out a bit. At the start of the race I made a few small mistakes but cleaned it up near the end to record a decent time. For round one I was TQ,  just 1.5 seconds ahead of Adam Drake. For the second round the track was slightly slower so I was able to hang on to the #1 spot on the starting grid.

While waiting for the main I was stuck on which compound tire I should use for the 25 minute race. I knew I would run Holeshot 2.0, but the choice between M3 and M4 was difficult. Even though both tires were good, I decided to go with traditional racing idea of going with the softer of the two, M4. I knew the tires would last 25 minutes.

At the start of the race I would hit a bump on the first double and crash, and then get stuck under another car. This would drop me to last place. I knew I had 25 minutes, so I just put my head down and started picking guys off. After charging hard for the entire final, I would end up getting to the lead and taking the win. It didn’t come easy as fellow Pro-Line Drivers Colin Herzig and Jeremy Kortz were throwing everything they had at me. I did it the hard way, but it feels good to win! I was happy to see my team mate Colin Herzig clinched the second spot nearly a lap up on 3rd place Jeremy Kortz, and another Kyosho/Pro-Line driver Colby Poh finished behind Jeremy in 4th. Also, 7 of the 12 cars in the final were Kyosho.

I want to thank everyone that made this event happen. Kyosho America (Futoshi Ishihara, Joe Pillars, and Deven White), Dana and everyone at Revelation Raceway for preparing the track and running the race, and all the racers who came out to participate in the Kyosho event. Also I want to thank my Dad for all his hard work on and off the track.

All my stuff worked great. My Pro-Line M4 compound tires still had a lot of tread left after 25 minutes. I had a ton of steering, maybe a bit too much, but it was ok. My engine was fantastic. I have to thank Reds for the great mileage and high quality engines. Also Kyosho, not just for making good handling cars, but for the quality as well so I finish all these races. Byron Fuel is still the best stuff there is, and I feel so good about being with them again next year for the Worlds.

Bring on 2014! Here are some photos:


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