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Pro-Line Drivers Win Big at Toy for Tots in Flowood, MS.

Pro-Line Team Drivers, Chris Cassidy and John Ball, made the trip from Alabama over to Flowood, MS for the the Annual Toys for Tots Race. Flowood RC is the only city owned indoor track in the USA and has become one of the souths most popular site for large races. This past weekend was no exception. Racers from all over the south converged for the Toys for Tots race.


Chris Cassidy, came to the event scheduled to run in three classes; 4wd SCT, Nitro Buggy and E-Buggy. Chris found that using the Pro-Line M3 2.0 Holeshots on his Nitro and E-Buggy provided the exceptional grip and wear needed to get his cars on the podium. In Nitro Buggy, Chris qualified 4th but was able to finish 2nd in the long main. Chris said that the Pro-Line M3 Holeshots provided exceptional wear needed to provide traction the entire main. In Open E-Buggy and 4wd SCT, he was able to finish 4th for the event.

John Ball, a new member to the Pro-Line Team also entered three classes for the event; 4wd SCT, Pro E-Buggy & Pro E-Truggy.  John felt that the Pro-Line M4 2.0 Holeshots gave him the extra grip needed. Even with the extended electric mains though, the Pro-Line M4 Holeshots had exceptional wear. After the qualifying, he found himself in the top five in each class. After several setup changes were made on the vehicles and the mains were all over, John had taken the victory in both 4wd SCT and Pro E-Truggy. He finished 5th in Pro E-Buggy but would have finished even better if his steering servo would not have went out with just minutes left in the race.


Both Chris Cassidy and John Ball would like to thank Daniel and the entire crew at Pro-Line Racing for their support.