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EVO SC body review by MyRCBox.com

No matter if you are a racer or a basher, I’m sure you want the best body for your SC truck. Short course truck bodies are really wide and large and when jumping, air goes under the body to create a parachute effect making jumping quite unpredictable. An easy trick is to make holes into body to reduce the parachute effect. But sometimes, randomly cut holes are not enough to get the advantage on your competitors.


This is exactly why Pro-Line has developed the EVO SC body. First, Pro-Line has increased the front down force with an angled front grille. The grille looks nice but also greatly increases down force on the front wheels for more steering at high speed. I mounted my body so the front end touches the front bumper to reduce the amount of air that could get under the body.


The body mounts quite low on the chassis which lowers the overall CG of the truck. SC trucks are known for having a lot of body roll. By having a body mounted lower, this greatly helps to reduce CG and body roll for faster cornering.

But what makes the Pro-Line EVO SC body really shines is the amount of front (2), side (2) and rear (14) venting options available. From the factory, no venting holes have been cut, Pro-Line gives you the options to cut only the venting holes that you need. No matter how many holes you’ll cut, the body will always looks nice because all venting holes have been nicely integrated to the shape of the body. Venting holes not just reduce parachute effect but also help to increase airflow inside the body to lower electronics temperature.


Because the Pro-Line EVO SC body can fit many different brands and models, Pro-Line uses a series of dots on the hood and on the rear of the body to locate exactly where to drill for the body mounts. A legend is located on the side of the body near the front and rear wheel wells.

The Pro-Line EVO SC body has really been designed from the ground to offer maximum down force with minimum parachute effect. The body is also made of durable lexan for extra longevity. I would highly recommend the Pro-Line EVO SC body to any racers or bashers.

The Pro-Line EVO SC body is now offered pre-cut so you’ll spend less time preparing the body and more time having fun with your SC truck!

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