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Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 Performance Short Course Truck on a Budget – Part 2


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Welcome to our second installment of Pro-Line Racing PRO-2 Performance short course truck on a budget.  As mentioned in Part 1, the PRO-2 Performance Short Course Truck has quickly caught on as a top of the line durable Racing and Bashing Performance SC Trucks.  The PRO-2 takes everything we have produced in SC Accessories into one complete kit. For some, The PRO-2 Performance SC Truck may seem out of reach.  The good news is that most all the PRO-2 components are interchangeable with your stock Slash 2WD Trucks. This means you can purchase key PRO-2 components over time with the end result being a truck just like the 4001-00 PRO-2 Kit.

Gather Your PRO-2 Performance Parts

In part 2, we will be installing some key components that will further compliment the performance accessories we installed in Part 1. For part 2, I have chosen to install the 6093-00 PRO-2 LCG Performance Chassis, The 6067-00 Performance Steering Kit, The 6092-14 Rear and 6095-00 Front PRO-2 Bumper Kits

#1 Gather up Your Parts and Tools

Gather Your Tools

First, gather up your tools and prep your work area so it is clean and open. You will need 2.0mm and 2.5mm hex drivers, side cutters, needle nose pliers, 5.5mm Nut Driver and a 7mm wheel nut wrench. I use a muffin pan to keep my parts organized (these can be purchased at any dollar store). Again as with any build, take pictures as you go. Most cell phones have great cameras these days so take pictures you can refer back to later on re-assembly.

Assemble the PRO-2 Basic Chassis

After you have your tools and your work area set, the first stage of assembly is to assemble the basic 6093-00 PRO-2 Chassis by installing the side skirts, bumpers and rear bulk head. You can also determine the proper set up for the battery retainers based on the battery you will be running in your truck.

#2 Asemble the basics according to step 1 and 2 of the chassis instructions

Next you want to assembly the steering post uprights to the chassis and complete the sub assembly of the 6067-00 Performance steering kit. The 6067-00 Instructions are listed on the steering kit web page inside the Spec tab and can be downloaded by clicking this link here.

NOTE: When installing the 6067-00 Performance Steering Kit on the PRO-2 Chassis, the 2x Aluminum shoulder Spacers, 2x Long Allen Head bolts and 4x Shim Washers are not required. These parts are only used when installing the kit on a stock chassis.

It is a good idea at this time to remove your stock steering servo from the stock chassis or have your new servo handy. It will be needed to complete the steering sub assembly.

Since I have chosen to stay on a lower budget and I’m reusing the stock Servo, I’ll upgrade to a Racers Edge 10380BK Dual Clamping Servo Horn. This will give me the extra clamping power I need when going this direction. You will also notice that I’m using the rod ends and threaded rod that was left over from the 6102-00 PRO-2 Hard Anodized Pivot Ball & Rod End Set we installed in Part 1

#3 Remove the Steering servo fro myour stock chassis and prepare to install it on the LCG chassis

Now complete the PRO-2 Steering Sub assembly by installing the servo, hardware, blue spacers and the steering upper deck plate.

#6 Attach the Servo and assemble the 6067-00 Performance Steering Kit#7 Finish the Steering Sub assembly as Shown

Next, disassemble the Front suspension sub assembly from the stock chassis. At this time, I’m going to swap out the Gray colored bulkhead for the new Black one included in the 6095-00 PRO-2 Front Bumper Kit.

#4 Remove the front bulkhead sub assembly from the stock chassis#5 Swap out the original Gray front bulkhead for the New Black one included with the 6095-00 Front Bumper kit

Next, Install the Front Suspension Sub assembly and 6095-00 PRO-2 Front Bumper to the Front of the PRO-2 Chassis as Shown.  Note, I have curled my servo wire for a cleaner assembly and to keep it from getting into other moving components.

Front Suspension 01#8 Coil  the servo wire to keep your assembly Clean

Rear Sub Assembly and Electronics Transfer

First disconnect all of your electronics from the stock chassis. Be very careful not to damage the receiver antenna wire. It is best to unbolt the bottom of the receiver box from the chassis so the metal end of the antenna wire can be pulled through without any damage.

#11 Be careful not to damage the receiver antenna wire

Next remove the rear suspension / transmission sub assembly from the stock chassis. Start by removing the 2 upper / forward 3m button head screws from the shock tower and then the 2x 3m and 4x 4m tapered head Allen screws from the bottom of the skid plate. Once this is done, you can remove it from the stock Chassis.

#9 Remove the two forward shock tower bolts closest to the stock chassis#10 Remove the 2x Small and 4X large screws from the bottom of the stock Skid Plate#12 Separate the Rear Bulkhead and Electronics from the chassis

Attaching the rear suspension / transmission sub assembly to the PRO-2 Chassis is very simple, just follow the steps in reverse from when you removed it from the stock chassis. Install the 2x 3m and 4x 4m screws through the bottom of the PRO-2 chassis and then the 2x 3m button head screws though the top into the upper rear bulkhead.

#13 Attache the Rear suspension sub assembly in the reverse order it was removed from the Stock Chassis

Finishing up, re-locate and attach all of your electronics, and adjust your battery compartment / straps to best fit your battery and the weight distribution for the balance of the truck. You will also need to lower / adjust the height of your body in relation to the new PRO-2 LCG chassis position to complete this installations of this phase.

Rear Suspension 02#20 Chassis Top ShotFront Suspension 02

Now that we have made it though part 2 , you have made another major performance upgrade to your truck and almost have the full effects of the PRO-2 Truck!  You have made significant performance upgrades that are going to drastically improve the performance and handling of your SC truck.  You will need to spend some testing time at your local track to dial it in and get a feel for the performance / handling changes. The best time to go is always right after the main event. This is when the track is at its best / closest to race conditions and you will get the best feedback for your setup.

You’ll probably notice that I did not install the 6092-14 Rear bumper.  I have decided to save it for the next Installment / Part 3.

For Part 3, we will be installing the 6092-00 Performance Transmission, 6099-00 PRO-2 ProTrac Axe Kit, 6092-14 Rear Bumper as well as some other smaller goodies. We’ll also be talking about performance shocks as well as tire upgrades.

This concludes this installment of  PRO-2 Performance Short Course Truck on a Budget – Part 2.  Until next time, get some practice laps in and we’ll see you soon in our next installment – Part 3!