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Chris Wheeler: Reporting from The Warehouse 3 Holiday Rush and AZ State Championships

This past weekend was a double header for events here in Arizona, Friday we had the Warehouse 3 Holiday Rush in Phoenix. I ran 2wd modified buggy and after some rough luck in qualifying I was able to secure a 3rd overall. I ran M4 ION fronts and X4 ION rears with closed cell foam in both. Here is a podium picture:


On Saturday I then went on to competed in the 28th Annual Arizona State Championships held as Hobbytown/SRS in Scottsdale. This would be the last major event held at this location as the facility is moving to an indoor location in the next few months. I once again competed in the 2wd Modified buggy class as well as 2wd Modified SC. In 2wd Mod buggy I was able to qualify 7th overall after 3 rounds of qualifying using qual points. We would run triple a mains for this class and at the conclusion of these mains I ended up 5th overall. In 2wd modified SC I was able to take the TQ position by TQing all 3 rounds of qualifying. We would run a single main for this class and I was able to lead wire to wire to take the overall win, here is a podium picture:



In 2wd Buggy I ran X2 Scrubs in front and X2 Suburbs rear with closed cell foam in both for qualifying and for A1 and A2, In A3 I ran X4 IONs due to the cooler temps but stayed with the X2 Scrub fronts.

In 2wd SC I ran MX Suburbs fronts and MX ION Rears with V3 Closed Cell Foam Front and Rear throughout qualifying and the Main.

Thanks for all the help and support!

Chris Wheeler