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Pro-Line chosen as 2014 Reedy Race Control Tires

The Reedy Race is pleased to announce that Pro-Line will continue to be the official tire and insert suppliers for the 20th running of the Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions.

With extensive testing from multiple vehicle manufactures and with the assistance of representatives from manufacturers, the control tires and inserts were selected to provide the participants with the best possible combination for each vehicle.

2WD Buggy

  • Front –Pro-Line Closed Cell Inserts (#6185-03)
  • Rear – Pro-Line V2 Closed Cell Inserts (#6185-04) (COMING SOON)

4WD Buggy

  • Front – Pro-Line MC ION (#8223-17) & Pro-Line Closed Cell Inserts (#6185-02)
  • Rear – Pro-Line MC ION (#8222-17) & Pro-Line Closed Cell Inserts (#6185-04) (COMING SOON)


In addition to control tires and inserts, there will also be a control tire additive blended specially for the event. The additive will only be available at the event and will be distributed during check-in with each racer receiving one bottle included with your entry. The mild additive is low odor, low toxicity and has been tested against other popular additives at OCRC to ensure consistent performance. Having a control additive will help the racing surface come in quicker and ensure an even level of competition for all competitors.


Remember, included with each entry is one set of control tires and inserts. Additional tires and inserts may be purchased though OCRC Raceway beginning in mid-December. However, any tire used during a scored round at the Reedy Race must have a branding mark from the event which is only available for purchase during the event dates of January 22-27, 2014.


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