Factory Team

Spektrum Race Report from Dakotah Phend


I attended the Spektrum Race at Trackside in Brookfield, Wisconsin 11/13 -11/17/13.  There were 361 entries.  There were racers from all over the country in attendance including Ryan Cavalieri, Dustin Evans, Joe Pillars, Chad Due, and Billy Easton just to name a few.  Scotty Ernst was the announcer.  I ran Pro 4, Mod 4WD Buggy, and Mod 2WD Buggy.  On my SCTE 2.0 I ran Pro-Line MC Ions the entire week, TQ’d every round and won the main.  In 4WD Buggy I qualified third, went 1-3-2 in the Triple A-Mains and ended up 2nd overall with Pro-Line MC Scrubs in front and Pro-Line MC Suburbs in the rear.  In 2WD Buggy I qualified 3rd, went 2-2-6 in the Triple A-Mains and ended up 3rd overall with the same tire combination as 4WD buggy.  Pro-Line tires were great all week!

-Dakotah Phend