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Lee Martin Wins at Silverstone Winter Series




Pro-Line Driver Lee Martin reports after claiming the 4WD victory at the recent Silverstone Winter Series.

” Last Saturday I ventured up to Northampton to race in the Silverstone Winter Series. It’s a very hotly contested race meeting with approx 130 drivers. The track is mostly AstroTurf with some man made jumps and bumps. The traction is high and the layouts can be quite fast. I decided last minute to run both classes, which was probably a mistake.”

“It makes a relaxed day of racing into a mad rush. Tweaking set ups becomes a race against time with each car and generally you only get 1 car right. This was the case as my 4wd was going well, but 4wd was lacking and struggling to keep pace with the new crop of front motor 4wd cars, in the end I was able to take TQ and then went flag to flag in the final to take the win.”

I ran my TRF cars with Viper ESC, Xpert servos, Protek Lipos, new LMR wing and the new Pro-Line Phantom body!!!

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