Factory Team

2013 The Dual

Pro-Line and Thunder Alley  hosted the first ever “The Dual Race” over the weekend, with a unique format of heads up racing the action was non stop. Day one began at Pro-Lines test track in Banning Ca with three rounds of heads up racing per class. Day two finale day was held at Thunder Alley RC Raceway just miles down the road from Pro-Line. It was clear that Pro-Line Team Drivers were out in full force and M3 Holeshots were the tire to beat. After all the dust had settled here are the results overall.

E-Buggy the “King” Richard Saxton would prove to be the most consistant  taking the overall win running M3 Blockades all weekend. Team Mates Chris Miller and Jason Miller would secure the second and third podium spots giving Pro-Line the podium sweep. Chris and Jason opting to use Holeshots in M3.

Dual E Buggy

Intermediate Buggy Chris Miller would secure the win with the lowest overall point count. Team Mates Victor Guerrero and Keil Lewis would secure the second and third Podium spots for another Pro-Line sweep. All three drivers using M3 Holeshots and Blockades over the weekend.

Dual Int Buggy

In Expert Buggy Sean Gaffney would take the overall win by several points over Team Mates Collin Herzig wrapping up the second podium spot and Tyler Brown securing third giving Pro-Line yet another podium sweep with M3 Holeshots.

Dual EXP Buggy

The over 40 class saw some awesome racing action on Saturday ending up under the lights, and even more action at Thunder Alley on Sunday. The “King” Richard Saxton would again prove to be the most consistant over all 6 rounds earning the top spot on the podium. Team Mates Robert Wickham and Steve Burgess would secure the second and third spots for another Pro-Line podium sweep.

Dual 40+

The Premiere class of the weekend was the Invite Class which saw some big names making long trips to attend, with money and bragging rights on the line the racing was intense. Invite points were combined through six rounds of Buggy and six rounds of Truggy to determine an overall champion. Going into the last round of Buggy the overall champioship was up for grabs between three drivers. At the end of the 15 minute race when the dust has settled it was Drew Moller winning round six giving him the overall champioship by one point. Team Mate Ty Tessmann had a shot at the overall but due to some incidents during the race would have to settle for fourth giving him the Third spot overall on the podium.  Drew and Ty both reaching for M3 Holeshot tires on their Trucks and Buggys during both days of racing.

Dual Invite

Pro-Line would like to thank Rob and Levi Jackosn from Thunder Alley for the race format and track builds. Jimmy babcock and crew for another flawless event, Steve Burgess for his help with photography and watering,  the IERC crew for the help with watering and turnmarshalling, the racers who traveled near and far, and all of the sponsors of the 2013 Dual. Pro-Line, Thunder Alley,  Reds Racing Engines, Airtronics, Team Associated, and Avid.

Until next year when The Dual Continues.