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Pro-Line Upgrades to Transform your Stampede 4×4 into a Telluride Off Road Scale Crawler Machine

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In the latest installment of vehicles, Traxxas has released the new Telluride 4×4 off road trail machine based of the award winning Stampede 4×4 Platform.  Already having a Stampede 4×4, I set out to convert my truck into one of these trail taming versions using all of the cool Pro-Line Racing Accessories!

I started out by removing the stock plastic shocks and added a pair of our 6063-00 PowerstrokeSC shocks up front ad a pair of our 6063-01 Powerstroke shocks in the rear. These shocks have all metal body’s combined with larger shafts and threaded spring tension adjuster nuts for more tune ability. You can also purchase our 6063-03 and 6063-04 Spring Assortments to stiffen up the suspension for those heavier loads.

To narrow the truck up, I choose a set of our new #2745-03 F-11 ProTrac offset bead lock wheels. These narrow the truck up to just under 12” getting you close to the Telluride’s Stance.  A note on adding these wheels is that you may experience some tire rubbing on the Shock guards when turning left or right. To solve this problem, you can remove the rock guards, Trim them, or slightly adjust your steering throw so they don’t rub. I decided to adjust / limit my steering throw to keep the rock guards.

Stampede Jeep 07

For rubber, I added a set of our 1190-02 Trencher X tires in the M3 Soft compound. These will give me a little more grip over rocks and other types of hard terrain. If you want to stick to the more durable medium compound, these are also available by ordering part #1190-01. The wheel center caps are actually made from the 6070-02 Body Mount Secure-Loc Cap Kit. These are ok for slow speed running and crawling with a little Loctite applied to the axle shafts, but for high speed running, you need to use the standard M4 Wheel lock Axle nuts

For the body, I choose our 3322-00 2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon body. It is very close in wheel base and adds a very realistic look.  To mount it, I use the #6087-00 Slash 4×4 extended body mount kit. They bolt right up since the Stampede 4×4 and the Slash 4×4 share / use the same shock towers.

Stampede Jeep 08

Next, I removed the stock bumpers and went with our 6088-00 Ridge –Line Narrow Bumper set t the front. I used the included Revo bumper mounting plate attaching it to the front of the body with M3 screws, Lock Nuts and washers.

For the rear, I used the wider bumper from the #6089-00 Ridge-Line Bumper kit and attached it directly to the body using M3 Self Tapping screws and washers. You’ll have to clearance the ribs in the rear bumper but otherwise it will bolt right up.

Stampede Jeep 06

Next I added our 6085-00 Performance Off-Road Crawler / Desert Truck Light bar Kit and the 6084-00 Rectangular Scale Off-Road Tubular Roof Rack.

Stampede Jeep 04

In using the roof rack, you will not be able to use the body mount thumb washers from the body mount kit. To solve this, I used 2x of the M4 button head screws on the rear by replacing them with the Allen studs and securing the body with mini body pins. The head of the M4 bolt sticks just above the body and secures the body pin. as a finishing touch, I cut some square sections of the clear overlay from the bare spots of the decal to help protect the paint finish from the body clips.

Stampede Jeep 10

To finish it off, I loaded her up with our scale crawler accessories. We have over 10 sets to choose from with everything from shoves to full fuel system detail parts. Be sure to check them all out on our Rock Crawling Performance parts Accessories page!

Stampede Jeep 05

There are still other performance upgrades you can do like upgrading to the 100K diff oil or re-gearing for slower trail speeds but the end result is a cool / custom truck Converted to a Trail monster without having to purchase another vehicle.

For a full list of Parts that fit any Stampede 4×4 model, check out our Pick By Kit section where you can find everything we make that fits your model.

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Be sure to check out all of these cool accessories we here at Pro-Line Racing have to offer.

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I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did building this truck. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at customerservice@prolineracing.com