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Blais Racing, Top Notch Series Round 6 Race Report!

Blais Racing, Top Notch Series Round 6 Race Report!
Nick Blais takes the Pro-2 and 1/8 E-Buggy Championships!

Top Notch Round 6
IERC Raceway

By Nick Blais:
Redland’s Raceway was to shut down and the schedule brought us right back to IERC Raceway where it all started. Wow is all I can say about IERC. The track was completely different since the last time we were here. The dirt was a lot like West Coast Raceway, and they installed a mister system like OCRC. It needed a little time to break in but once it did my Pro-Line Ions were hooked up. The track was pretty simple to get around with some pretty mild jumps and fast sweeping turns, both of my Tekno’s and my Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck were ready for racing.

I was to get off to a good qualifying round with my Tekno EB48 but I was to miss the TQ by just a little after Rudy Rico was to lay it down in his new EB48.2 with his Tekin 2650 motor! I don’t know how we are ever going to be able to hang with this kid anymore. I was on his TQ pace in round two but on the last lap I was to get taken out twice by Jay Murphy, go figure. My pro 2 class I was the man to beat. The track was perfect for my Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck and I was sliding the truck wherever I wanted to put it and I was to take the TQ by 6 seconds over Travis Brock. He was to get Murphy’ed on heat two so he was unable to beat me out for the TQ.

I was able to get off to a blistering pace with my SCT410 but Rudy again was on fire and were both able to run a 16 lap runs on such a huge track and no one else could touch that. I was to come up short by 1 second for the TQ spot. I was able to win the second heat but it was not good enough for the TQ. Race 6 1/8 buggy was off and running and before the first couple of turns I was getting pushed wide by Carlos driving pretty aggressive for the first ten seconds of the race. I had to stay patient but I had to get back up there to start chasing down Rudy before he started taking off. I got by Carlos before the first lap was over with a sweet inside move. I was able to put a charge on from that point but we got into lappers pretty fast and that made all the difference. Rudy just ran away with the win but I was right there if anything was going to happen.

1/8 Scale Buggy at IERC Raceway Round 6 2013 Top Notch Summer Series

Race 17 Pro 2 Off to a smooth start but with the track getting a little dry with them not turning on the misters consistently. I was chasing the front wheels the whole time with the Tekin 7.5 motor and the Venom power coming from my electronics. It was time to start making the small mistakes, now losing positions, I was to start charging and making even more mistakes. I did put some passes on and I wanted to start charging toward the front but the mistakes just kept happening. It was good fun because I already wrapped up the Pro 2 top notch overall, so there wasn’t any stress on the actual race.

Pro 2 A Main at IERC Raceway Round 6 2013 Top Notch Summer SeriesRace 25

Pro 4 was off to a slow reaction for me, the whole time they had been using a start tone and this race the announcer used his lame beep noise. Before I knew it David Jenson flew by before I even hit the gas. I was battling for third and then Carlos was to come out of nowhere and take the inside block pass and that was to leave me to battle again. Luckily I was able to get by the both of them quick and start chasing down Rudy. I was going as fast as I could drive the truck with very few mistakes that didn’t even affect my lap times. I just needed him to make a mistake, and then it happened! He rolled it over by the finish line and I passed him up while he was upside down. I was to run two more clean laps and take 1st place to cap off the series.

Pro 4 A Main at IERC Raceway Round 6 2013 Top Notch Summer Series

I was able to take a perfect score of 3 wins and 3 TQ’s with my Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck to take the #1 in the series. I also was to wrap up the series in 1st with my Tekno EB48. Last but not least I was able to put the Tekno SCT410 into a podium position with a 3rd in Pro 4. Big thanks to Blais Racing Services, Coyote Hobbies, Pro-Line, Venom, Tekno, and Tekin. It wouldn’t be possible without family and the best in RC products out there. Hope to see you at the next series! Martin Blais would finish up the series with a 6th place in Stock Short Course, 5th place in Sportsman 4wd Short Course, and 7th place in 1/8 Scale E-Buggy.

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