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1st annual Alabama state race

This past weekend I attended the 1st Annual Alabama state race and I had an awesome time!  The event was held at The Warehouse located in Helena, AL.  There was a great crowd of locals mixed in with racers from Georgia and Tennessee which totaled about 90 entries! The Warehouse owner and operator Britt Roshon did a fantastic job along with race director spencer Glasgow running the race!!

The track conditions where awesome! It was slightly bumpy hard-pack and blue grooved!  I ran pro E-Buggy and Pro Nitro Buggy. Usually my tire of choice at the Warehouse is a M3/M4 Holeshots.  I elected to run those on my nitro buggy and decided to try the Diamond backs in the x3 compound for the first time. My nitro buggy with the holeshots was dialed! I had 3 great heats, winning all of them and got TQ!  During the main I had a good start and led half of the race then I got tangled up with lap traffic and 2nd place qualifier Michel Martin got by me and we battled to the end but I fell short and ended up in 2nd with the MBX-7.  

In Pro E-Buggy I was running my RC 8.2E running on the Pro-Line Diamond Backs and man that thing was on rails! I had TQ going into the 3rd heat and Blake Boggs ended up taking the TQ spot from me. I started 2nd behind boggs in the 10min main. On the start Boggs rolled on the first turn and I took over the lead and never looked back ending up with the win over Boggs!

I’m very happy with Pro-Line tires and would like to thank Pro-Line for their support!