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Pro-Line Bulldog Truggy Conversion for your Traxxas E-Revo Brushless



The title sounds very fitting for this 10 Time / multiple award winning, innovative Monster Truck of all time. From the Very First Revo Traxxas released close to 10 years ago, to the Modern Day Revo’s ( 3.3 Nitro Monster, E-Revo Brushless, and Brushed models including the Summit), they just keep getting better and better. Recently voted Best Nitro Truck 2013 by the RC Car Action Readers Choice awards 2013, the Revo is still the most talked about, highly regarded RC Monster Truck in the Industry. Race proven, and time tested, they stand in a class of their own and we here at Pro-Line Racing have all the right stuff to help you keep it that way.


I started with my E-Revo Brushless truck and selected on of our BullDog Truggy body’s. We have two versions that will both work good for this project.  We have the 3369-00 2012 Bulldog for the D8T and the 3318-60 Bulldog for the MBX-6T. They both work great for the project but I ended up using the 3369-00 as I like the detail a little better.

You will need to trim out the area for the speed controller, wires and Motor can In the rear deck lid. You also need open up the air scoop in the front of the nose to clear the front shock tower brace. This all helps to get the body down low and improves the Aero for those high speed runs.  In mounting the body, I used our 6307-00 extended front / Rear body Post Kit. You don’t need the extended lengths as it is quite opposite but this kit features the new Secure-Loc Caps which eliminate the need for Body Clips. The only special modifications required is some slight trimming of the front posts pads to clear the front scoop detail and fully seat the body on the front mount. I would suggest trimming and fitting the body before painting. This will save allot of time in the mounting / fitting process.


In the wheel and tire department, I mounted up a set of our new 1193-00 3.8 40 series Shockwave tires to our 2742-03 F-11 3.8 40 series ½” offset wheels.   The new Shockwave is a lower profile tire, and has much less ballooning characteristics than larger diameter tires. If you plan on running large capacity batteries, I would still recommend duct taping the inside of the tires before mounting them. For those of you that don’t like to glue tires, These are available already pre-mounted by ordering part number 1193-13.

To finish it off, I added our 6023-04 White High downforce wing. In mounting it to the Stock E-Revo wing mount, You will need to clearance the bottom center rib under the wing. This wing is also available in a molded black version by ordering part #6023-03


The end result is a cool / custom truck which takes my E-Revo back to the Glory days when  Revo’s ruled the truck racing scene.  Now, I have a brushless ground pounding high speed version ready to tear up anything that gets in its way.

For a full list of Parts that fit most Revo  versions, check out our Pick By Kit section where you can find everything we make that fits your specific model.


I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did building this truck.