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Pro-Line Driver Elliott Boots wins at BRCA round; Pro-Line Driver Lee Martin Overall Champion!

Pro-Line Driver Elliott Boots  wins the final BRCA British Rally-X championship round of the 5 race nationals. The track was prepared in the weeks before the race and early on the track was dusty and loose, with contrasting smooth and bumpy sections. Due to the abnormally good summer weather that we had in the UK, it had caused the tracks surface to be very dry and therefore it needed a lot of water. The track also had a couple of new features and corners to make it a little different from normal.

Elliot Boots: “Smoked them all on last round on Diamond Back X3 for the TQ of the round. Amazing lap!!”

The Main final: 45 minutes was the duration of the final and everyone got away clean. After a few laps Lee would be up to 2nd about 10 seconds down on a fast running Boots. Mid race the rain started to fall and Lee start to play cat and mouse with Elliot. Lee stated that he played the race very safe as he knew what he needed to do in order to claim the championship and now was not the time for heroics. After the 45 minutes were up, Lee Martin crossed the finish line in 2nd place to claim not only his first ever BRCA 1/8th national title, but also Mugen’s first!

Elliot maintained the lead from pole position to take the win with a 27 second lead over Lee Martin!

Lee Martin and Neil Cragg make it a 1,2,3 finish at the final round.

“Great result! We ran on Diamond Back X3 tires!”

Lee and Neil ran Pro-Line M4 Big Block tires for this round. Lee also used the Pro-Line Closed Cell foam and Light Weight wheels on his MBX-7.

“Elliott would like to give a big shout out to all his Sponsors and Crew KyoshoNovarossiPro-LineVP Power Master Fuel, Bitty Design, Sanwa, LRP, Maugrafix, RDRP, LMR

Also A big thanks to Dad for wrenching the Spanners, Mick Craddock from FDL and the Risa-Racing lads for keeping the website looking trick and up to date”

Lee Martin ended the series by taking the overall championship with Elliott Boots coming in 2nd.

“It’s been a fantastic year for team Mugen. Winning Almost all of the championships that there are to win. Only missing out of the Old dudes (over 40’s) title which went to Mike Craddock and the E-Buggy championship. The team that we have built through LMR has bonded great and is full of support for each other. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the good times throughout the year!

brca 4 lee martin

I would also like to personally thank my Wife Liz, Son Scott, Mechanics Jon and Alan Dell and my sponsors for the support this year!

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Check out Lee Martin’s complete write up from the event HERE.

Source: NeoBuggy.net and Buggy-Sport.info