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PROTOform September New Releases

Better Edge System: Sanding Block
for RC Car Body Finishing

First, we introduced the Better Edge: Sanding Drum for the perfect wheel well. Now, we’ve added a new product to finish off both the perfect straight edge as well as all the nooks and crannies of your R/C race body. PROTOform’s new Better Edge: Sanding Block is another tool for the racer who takes pride in finishing off their concourse-worthy race body.

The Better Edge: Sanding Block is formed from injection molded nylon with a shape that is both ergonomic and racy. Use the straight edge to smooth out scissor imperfections along the bottom edges or rear wing of your body, then rotate the block to finish off tightly curved edges such as the rear of your 1:12 or 1:8 on-road bodiesoff-road body wheel wells or suspension cutouts. The rounded ends of the block are two different radius sizes for different applications, ¼” and ½”. It can also be used to sand parts and tires.

Each block includes a form-fitted strip of high-grade, 120-grit sand paper fastened to the block with a low-profile hook-and-loop system. A spare strip is also included for your convenience and replacement strips (#6108-01) are also available in 2-packs.

Give your r/c race body a better edge!

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Better Edge System: Replacement Sanding Strips
for PROTOform Sanding Block

If you’ve worn out the original sanding strips on your Better Edge: Sanding Block (#6108-00), this is a pair of replacements.  Contains (2) form-fitted 120 Grit Silicon Carbide sandpaper strips with hook-and-loop backing.