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RC Car Action: How To Glue Tires Like A Pro

Our friends over at RC Car Action just posted this article about how to glue tires like a pro.

Their article features Pro-Line Sniper M3 tires for the Short Course and Split Six wheels so we couldn’t wait to share it with our friends!

Here are some highlights but to see the complete article click here:

Glue Tires 1


Before your car or truck’s tires stand any chance of holding the road, track, or trail, they must first have a firm hold of the rim. This article will walk you through the exact steps that top drivers use to make certain their tires are mounted straight and true with the strongest possible bond. Follow these steps, and you’ll be sure to get maximum performance and life from your rubber.

Step One: Vent Holes

Vent the tires with a leather punch

When fully sealed against the rim without vent holes to allow air to flow in and out, tires are basically balloons and will bounce all over the place. Vent holes allow the tire to compress over terrain and return to shape quickly. Before adding vent holes, remove the foams that come with the tires. Take note of their direction when you pull them out, as many of today’s closed-cell foams are directional. To add vent holes you need a hole-punching tool, which can be purchased from most hardware stores as well as hobby stores. We’ve found that leather punches work the best. Punch a minimum of two holes that are 2mm in diameter within the center of the tread pattern and opposite of one another. This will help keep your tires balanced and if one hole is covered up during rotation, you’ve got another to help the tire vent.

Check out the complete article for more about cleaning the tires, seating the foam, applying the glue and more!

Thank you to our friends over at RC Car Action!