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Blais Racing: JBRL Round 6 Race Report!

Blais Racing, JBRL Round 6 Race Report!

Chris Blais takes the 1/8 E-Buggy TQ and Win!

JBRL Round 6Rainman’s Hobbies


By Chris Blais:

JBRL Round 6 would take place in the fairly new Rainman’s Hobbies Indoor Raceway.  I have to say they were pretty dialed in for the race with 2 huge swamp coolers, food vendor, super smooth track, and a great crew.  My wife Patty and I got there Friday morning with our trailer to camp out for the weekend.  I put about 6 batteries through each of my cars for practice and got my setups down.

In Pro 4 I would have a rough 1st qualifier with 2 crashes that set me back of the pack in the A-Main.  In the 2nd qualifier I would pull it together and move up a few positions into 5th place for the A-Main. The top 8 drivers would only be about 10 seconds apart separating the entire field.  The track started to really blue groove in the 2nd qualifiers and my Pro-Line Ion tires were really hooking up.  In the main I put myself in 4th position through the first corner and stayed there the rest of the race.  I was catching my brother in 3rd for a bit then he put the hammer down and started pulling away.  I would finish up 4th place in the Pro 4 main event.

In 4×4 Modified Buggy I would have a great day qualifying 4th in the 2nd heat and just having some really good runs.  My Team Associated B44.2 was railing with my Venon/ Tekin Power and Pro-Line Ion MC tires.  In the main event my car was hooked up and I was catching the leaders.  I made the pass for the lead and had it for a bit.  Then Jimmy Barnett comes up and drills me after the first turn double.  It sounded like our cars were broken but everything was still alright.  I was a little rattled after that and made a couple of small mistakes setting me back into 4th again.  Then with a minute left Jimmy’s car breaks and I’m back in 3rd.  I start gaining on Kevin Kasten and Jake Mayo but just ran out of time.  Kevin would take the win, Jake in 2nd, and I would finish in 3rd just 2 seconds behind.

Open 4wd Buggy A Main at Rainmans Hobbies Round 6 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Open 4wd Buggy A Main at Rainmans Hobbies Round 6 2013 JBRL Electric Series

In 1/8 Scale I would put together 2 great qualifying runs.  Of course the track dried out and everyone was going faster in the 2nd qualifier including me.  I would have a mistake free 2nd qualifier with my Coyote Hobbies, Pro-Line, Venom sponsored Tekno EB48 giving me the TQ.  My brother would have 1 mistake sending him back to 2nd place qualifier and Chad Panek was up in the next heat. Chad had a great run going but a couple small mistakes put him back in 3rd qualifying position.  In the main I had a great run and led most of the race.  Nick came up and passed Dunford and I for the lead but made a mistake.  I just stayed smooth after that and came home with the win. This is my first ever JBRL win and I have to say I was pretty stoked. Thanks to all our sponsors for everything you do:  Blais Racing Services, Coyote Hobbies, Pro-Line, Venom, Tekno, Team Associated, & Tekin.

JBRL Round 6 1/8th Scale Podium.  Chris Blais takes the win!

1/8 Scale Podium:  Chris Blais 1st, Ryan Dunford 2nd, Nick Blais 3rd

1/8 Scale Buggy at Rainmans Hobbies Round 6 2013 JBRL Electric Series

1/8 Scale Buggy at Rainmans Hobbies Round 6 2013 JBRL Electric Series

By Nick Blais:

Off to Bakersfield we go to a new indoor facility.  The Blais Racing crew was to pack up early and head out Thursday night with the trailer in tow.  After arriving at the track I was to get a sneak peek before they would close the doors for the night.  It looked to be a small smooth track.  After getting the Tekno’s on it Friday morning it would be a pretty tricky track with lap times ranging from 16-18 seconds for most people.  My Pro-Line Ions were hooked up on my Pro-Line PRO-2 truck as well as my Tekno’s.  I was to run through at least 20 of my Venom batteries throughout the day and my Tekin electronics were to hold strong all day.

First qualifiers were up and I was to totally choke in 1/8 scale.  I had a bad run but was able to pull it together late and qualify for the A main.  I was to hit it hard with my EB48 in heat two and I was on a TQ run all the way until the last minute where a lapper came in contact with me and that was it.  It would put me second for the main with my brother getting the TQ position with his Tekno EB48.  Pro 2 came and I was to have a great run and come in second behind Cody Turner.  Second heat was about the same as the first coming in second but bettering my first run and missing the TQ buy only three seconds.  Last was my Pro 4 class and my Tekno SCT410 was going as fast as I could drive it.  It was almost too good!  I was leading the race until Ryan Dunford started to speed up and I was to make a few mistakes but ended up second.  Second race went about the same but everyone going faster from all the rubber getting laid down on the track.  I ended up second in the heat but third qualifier for the main event.  I set myself up to take some good finishes for the main events.

1/8th scale Race 18 started rough for me.  Getting off to a great jump my brother made a mistake in the first corner and I checked up on the first double and Chad Panek ran right up the back end of my car.  So after getting turned around and going straight again I was towards the back of the pack.  After getting tangled up again towards the end of the lap me and David Jenson ended up on the infield of the track, after a quick stop and go we were off to catch the leaders.  After a few minutes I found myself in a podium position and pushing hard to catch the leader.  About half way through the race I was to take the lead!  I pulled away and had it handled until I didn’t quite clear a small double and after getting flipped back over I was in third again.  I was right there still but after the same jump got me again and the turn marshal not seeing me for a long time I was pretty far out of contention.  By the end of the race I was right there again but had to settle for a 3rd place.

Pro 2 race 21 got off the line good and got to the third turn before I got into a fender bender.  Matt bumped into me getting me all sideways and before I was to get going again, luckily in second still, Cody Turner had already started to open a gap on the field.  From that point on I was being followed by Ryan Dunford for most of the race.  I would pull away and then he would pull right back up.  It was a little hard to get around a few of the lappers that seemed to be in the wrong class.  But by the end of the race Dunford and I were to pull up pretty close to Cody, not getting to make a run at him, it was Cody Turner taking the win with my Pro-Line PRO-2 truck in second and Dunford in 3rd.

JBRL Round 6 Pro 2 Podium.  Nick Blais 2nd

Pro 2 Podium:  Cody Turner 1st, Nick Blais 2nd, Ryan Dunford 3rd

Pro 2 A Main at Rainmans Hobbies Round 6 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Pro 2 A Main at Rainmans Hobbies Round 6 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Pro 4 race 22. Yes I know another back to back race.  Anyway Pro 4 started out the best of any class that night.  Everyone off to a smooth start it looked to be “follow the leader” for the first few laps.  Then my brother started to gain on me and that is where I put the Venom power / Tekin electronics to work.  The Tekno SCT410 settled right in and I was starting to close the gap on Dunford this time around, there was not enough time in the race to make anything happen but I was close.  The top three seemed to run away with this one.  I was to finish up with a third.

Well again I would like to thank Blais Racing Services, Coyote Hobbies, Pro-Line, Venom, Tekno, and Tekin that helped me come away with 3 podiums in all 3 classes that I entered.  Special thanks to Bender’s Bodies for keeping my cars looking sweet!  See ya at the next one.

Pro 4 A Main at Rainmans Hobbies Round 6 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Pro 4 A Main at Rainmans Hobbies Round 6 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Sportsman 4x4 Short Course at Rainmans Hobbies Round 6 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Sportsman 4×4 Short Course at Rainmans Hobbies Round 6 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Martin Blais would come away with a 2nd place in the 1/8 Scale B-Main behind J. Smoker.  Martin would also finish up 5th place in the Sportsman 4wd SC A-Main and 5th in the Sportsman Stock SC B-Main.

Race Results

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