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Sean Miles Race Report: Pro-Line ION RACING TIRES

Check out the report from Pro-Line Racing Driver Sean Miles.

“This past Saturday was a exciting day for me. This was the day I was going to race my new Team Xray XB9e 1:8 buggy. The day before I raced, I was able to practice for 9 hours with my XB9e and my XB4. The tires I ran with where the PROLINE RACING “ION’s”. I had major traction and the ION’s did the job. Instead of me punching two holes into the tires. I decided to punch three hole but smaller than usual and it worked out fine.”

“This would be my first time on the layout at West Coast Raceway.  I TQ’d in the qualifying heats and for the A-Main instead of me starting in the pole position. The announcer asked me to start about 30 feet from the 10th place position with my car facing backwards. So I had to do a 360 degree turn as fast was I could  and get in the race. I had to have patience because of the large head start that the other drivers had. It worked out in the end for me and I won the A-main!

I made some changes to see if I could get a little more traction without flipping the car thru the fast sweeper and it worked out. I know I can get 15 laps but unfortunately the little mistakes cost me that chance. I will be at the track this week to see what improvements I can make to get the 15 laps I’m looking for.. so beware!”

Keep up the great work Sean and thank you for your support!