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Blais Racing, JBRL Round 5 Race Report!

Nick Blais takes his first Pro 2 JBRL win!
JBRL Round 5
West Coast Raceway

By Nick Blais:

I would arrive at the track after work on Friday to notice the new track design.  The track had some pretty big jumps on the one side and looked fairly easy on the other.  After I fired up my Tekno EB48 for some practice I knew this track was going to be difficult for the smaller cars.  I got in some long practice runs that night with my Venom / Tekin powered cars.  As always my Tekno / Pro-Line Pro-2 vehicles were dialed in on Pro-Line MC ION tires.

1/8 scale would be first up for qualifying and being that I just purchased my Tekin T8i motor my car was under weight!  I had to throw 28 grams into it at the last second and my car was not to handle that great the first round.  Round 2 would go pretty good putting me in the 4th qualifying position for the 10 minute main event.  My pro 2 class would be stopped a little early when I nosed into the super triple jump and ejected the battery.  I got the bugs worked out in the second qualifier with a great run.  I was to catch Casper a few times and every time we got close we would both make mistakes at the same exact time.  I was to take the win in the qualifier but was to come up 1 second shy of the TQ.  Pro 4 was a little different with me doing very well in the first qualifier but I gave the win to Dunford mainly because that darn weird triple jump throwing me for a loop.  I was to put together another great run in the second qualifier going even faster than my first and was good enough for a 4th place start in the main.  With all the times being as close as they are always are with the great talent out there you could tell there was going to be some good main events!

Time for the main events!  It was time to put the Blais Racing Services crew to work being that all of our races would be close together.  1/8 Scale Race 13, A main, 10 minutes.  Here we go again time to put the Tekno EB48 to work with Venom Batteries/ and Tekin power holding their own.  The race was off and before I knew it I was getting passed.  Not wanting to go backward I was to put my head down and get the passing done early.  I got my position back by the end of the lap and started to drive smooth.  I got into third and just kept motoring ahead now with a pretty big gap over forth.  I was to start pushing toward the front.  I started to hit the triple jump perfect for about 5 minutes and before I knew it I was right on Scott for second place, not wasting any time I went for the inside and we came together with him pushing me into the direction of the wall.  After getting straightened out we raced to the next corner, with me backing off a little he would make a mistake on the next jump, letting me by and have some relaxing room.  I was to finish off in 2nd place with a pretty big gap on the rest of the field.  Big thanks to Ed Bender painting up my 1/8 scale body to keep me looking good out there and for the podium shots.

1/8 E-Buggy:  1st Cody King, 2nd Nick Blais, 3rd Scott Wolf


1/8 Scale Buggy at West Coast Raceway Round 5 2013 JBRL Electric Series


Pro 2 Race 16  Not sure how this race looks on the video yet but as the race started the turn marshals moved in close to the first turn and blocked all of our vision of our cars.  I even went wide and all of a sudden we came out of the turn in different positions with me running into Casper.  Sorry again, but after that being said he couldn’t see anything either.  After the first lap was over Adam Gragg was to take over the lead with everyone in tow.  I got into second with Matt Gilbert right there on me, we pushed and pushed doing the triple and everything and just not able to get by Adam.  Finally with Gilbert dropping back a little I was able to start to drive like normal pushing it everywhere and the pass would be made over the super triple jump.  After that I was to play it safe and start doing the double instead.  I came away with my first Pro 2 JBRL win with my Pro-Line Pro-2 truck.


Pro 2wd Mod SC: Nick Blais 1st, Adam Gragg 2nd, Matt Gilbert 3rd


Pro 2 Mod Short Course A Main at West Coast Raceway at Round 5 2013 JBRL Electric Series


Pro 4 Race 17 Yes this race was back to back again.  They even held up the race to take care of photos from my Pro 2 class.  After making it back up to the drivers stand I was to not even get my spot that I was used to on the stand.  After wishing my bro good luck we were off.  Rough at first bumping, and rubbing the whole first lap.  After that I was to put my Tekno SCT410 into 3rd and try to stay with the leaders.  There was a lot of ruckus going on in the back of the pack.  Driving the best I could David was to pull up and I would make my first bobble of all my A mains coming up short on the super triple.  After that I was still right there in 4th then before I knew it I was battling for third again but this time with Barry Baker.  After a side by side jump he was to start slipping away.  Then before I knew it I was challenging for third again with Ryan this time, not able to get by I was to settle for a hard earned 4th place finish.  Worst race of the day but it was sure a fun one.

Once again a good turnout with the best RC car racers around.  It is always great with Jimmy announcing his JBRL racing series. Thanks again to Blais Racing Services, Coyote Hobbies, Pro-Line, Venom, Tekno, Tekin, and Bender Bodies.  Have a good one and hope to see you at the next one!


By Chris Blais:

This would be my first JBRL since Round 2 and I was ready to race.  I arrived on Friday to meet up with my dad, mom and brother.  This is a great family hobby for us and I enjoy spending time with them doing what we love.  The track layout looked great and I didn’t have any blind spots this year.  After some practice my Associated B44.2, Tekno EB-48 and Pro 4 Truck were dialed.  I could tell this track layout would be won by the least mistakes.  The two triple jumps would determine the race.

In Pro 4 I would have 1 good qualifier with only 1 mistake putting me in the 5th qualifying position.  The triple jump got me 1 time in this qualifier.  The second qualifier I pushed harder and got bit 3 times by that first triple jump which had me ending up pretty far off the pace. My Venom/ Tekin Powered Pro 4 was working great with my Pro-Line ION tires but I just kept making mistakes in the main event off that triple jump and nose dived it 3 times.  I would finish up 6th overall in Pro 4 for the night.

In 1/8 Scale I would qualify 7th with my Coyote Hobbies Tekno EB-48. I was just a few seconds off the pace in qualifying and everyone was really close.  In the A main event I would get off to a rough start getting hit by the same guy 3 different times until I was finally able to get by.  After that I got in a groove and picked up a few positions and just sat there the rest of the race.  I would come away with a 4th place finish which was great.  My Venom/ Tekin powered EB-48 was working awesome all night and I am glad I finished better than I qualified.

In 4×4 buggy I would have a flawless run in the first heat and would sit in the 2nd qualifying position all night.  In the 2nd heat I pushed harder to see if I could drive the car harder.  I made a couple of mistakes but I really have fun driving the Associated B44.2 buggy.  For the main event I would have a few too many mistakes and I just couldn’t make up the time.  I would finish in the 4th position.  Bummed I didn’t get any podiums for the weekend but my Brother took care of that for the team.  Thanks to all our awesome sponsors, Coyote Hobbies, Venom, Pro-Line, Team Associated, Tekno, and Tekin.  Without your great products we wouldn’t be able to do so well.

Martin Blais would have a bit of a rough weekend but ended up 3rd in the 1/8th scale B-Main.  In Sportsman 4wd SC it would be a rough race again and Martin would finish up in 9th place in the A-Main.  Martin would also finish up the weekend with an 8th place finish in the Sportsman Stock SC B-Main.


Pro 4 at West Coast Raceway Round 5 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Race Results


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