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Blais Racing Report – TNS Rd. 2 at Coyote Hobbies Raceway

Blais Racing, Top Notch Series Round 2 at Coyote Hobbies Raceway! 

Top Notch Summer Series Round 2
July 13th, 2013
Coyote Hobbies Raceway

By: Nick Blais

It all started early Saturday morning as my dad was to arrive at my house at 4:45am as we to head to Coyote Hobbies up in the high desert.  I was excited to go as they always have an interesting track layout and great races.  After arriving and getting in it was on to hit the track first.  After about 30 minutes we had to start controlled practice because it was packed inside the building.  I got some good time in and felt pretty good with the track.

1/8 scale went well for me in qualifying taking the TQ with my Tekno EB48 in the first run and setting the pace to beat.  I didn’t deliver very well on the second heat but after getting in a few battles I just decided to pull over for the faster guys and I was able to hold onto the TQ by 3 seconds.

Pro 2 was stacked with 2 full heats, the first one looked like experts and the 2nd heat of pro 2 must have been beginner drivers that I was stuck with.  My Pro-Line Pro-2 truck was dialed as usual with the Pro-Line ION tires on it.  I ended up winning the qualifier by more than a lap over second place, but still a few seconds out of the TQ spot.  It was hard to get by everyone in the second qualifier as well putting me second for the main event.

Pro 2 A Main at Coyote Hobbies Raceway at the 2013 Top Notch Summer Series Round 2

Pro 4 was just as always running fast and having everyone else going just as fast.  My Tekno SCT410 was great.  I was running a Tekin Pro 4 4600 motor to hang with the best.  My Pro-Line ION tires with my Flo-Tek body were ready to take the win.  Venom Batteries powering everything I had there.  It all came down to the consistency on the track and even with that I was only able to pull a 6th place qualifying run.  The second heat would not improve anything for me still to start in the 6th qualifying position.

After the awesome raffle that the Top Notch Series and Dave from Coyote Hobbies threw down it was time for the mains. Starting at night looking as it was going to be a long one.  Race 17, A main for 1/8 scale was off, going good and taking a few wide turns just so there was no worries of getting taken out I let the lead go to a fellow Tekno driver and trying not to let it go we collided in mid air giving the lead to David Jensen.  Everyone was on the hunt after that.  This track is tough, you have to just be patient and let things happen and hopefully that works because if you try to pick up the pace it usually bites you.  After trying to hunt them down nobody was to make any mistakes and I was to only end up with a 4th place finish.

Nick and Martin Blais hanging out in the pits at Coyote Hobbies

Race 24 Pro 2 was a fun race.  David Jensen and I were to just take off and run away.  I followed him for a few minutes and just waiting patiently the whole time within 5ft from each other.  I knew I just had to be patient and wait for a mistake which happened around minute 3 when he was to jump onto a lapped driver.  Now for my get away!  I was to put my Venom/Tekin powered Pro-Line Pro-2 truck out for a joy ride coming away with the win.

Race 31 Pro 4 was off to a great start as I was able to make 2 passes on the first lap. Now in fourth place I was able to just follow Rudy Rico for awhile until he made a mistake and I took over the spot.  He was in hot pursuit and I kept it together all the way until the end.  He was trying everything he could to get by.  He went for the triple one lap and landed right on me punching in my body.  I told him it made me more arrow dynamic so I could keep in front of him.  Hah, anyway it was a close race and it came down to the final jump as we both went for the triple and he crashed out and I was able to come away with the 3rd place finish.

Pro 4 A Main at Coyote Hobbies Raceway at the 2013 Top Notch Summer Series Round 2

Another successful Top Notch series race in the books.  Hopefully the full Blais Racing Crew will make it to the next one at OCRC Raceway.  A special thanks goes out to Coyote Hobbies Raceway, Pro-Line Racing, Venom Batteries, Tekno RC and Tekin to keep my cars running in “Top Notch” shape!  Thank you!

Mod SC Podium, Nick Blais 1st, C Mac 2nd, Carlos Arredondo 3rd

Martin Blais would round out the weekend with a 6th place in 1/8 Scale E-Buggy, 7th place in Sportsman 4wd SC, & 7th in Sportsman Stock SC.

Race Results

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