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Under the Hood with Ronda Drake!

Source: TeamTekin.com

If you don’t know who Ronda Drake is you’ve been living under a rock somewhere. All kidding aside Ronda is one of if not the fastest female talent RC Racing has in the world. Ronda has been racing and competing at the top level for awhile now (it’s not polite to ask guys ) . “I personally met Ronda back at an old Hot Rod Shootout circa late 90’s. She was in my heat and I learned then as did many others did that this “chick” was going to put a whoop’n on us. She proceeded to out qualify me by two heats!  So when I ran into her later down the road I knew she’d be a perfect fit for Team Tekin.” Randy Pike

Let’s check out what’s “Under the Hood” in Ronda’s favorite TLR/Pro-Line/Tekin powered ride!

Ronda is smashing down the competition with her TLR SCTE 2.0 powered by the latest Tekin Pro4HD 4300kv and Rx8 Esc. This combination has taken over the 4wd SC division and with it Ronda is tough to beat.

As you can see from the pictures the wiring install is clean and well routed. This not only looks pretty it assures that her equipment is always going to work.

Ronda has fashioned a lexan guard around her receiver to protect if from roost thrown by her front tires. These are the little details that separate the girls from the men….pretty smart. Ronda also has Pro-Line Suburbs SC for where the power meets the ground.

Ronda’s 4wd SC body is nicely wrapped up by Upgrade RC. Next time you’re at the “big race” of the year and you get motored by this pink and black land rocket just know you’re getting beaten by the fastest gal in R/C!

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