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Reggie Tongue Race Report – RC Pro Series Delta Div. Round 2.

This past weekend was round 2 of the RC Pro Series, Delta division, in Shreveport, LA. at TNT Raceway.  The weather was great all weekend and there were over 100 entries.  The track started out pretty smooth and a little dusty.  They were watering off and on to try and stop the track from falling apart and this made it tough to dial in tires and set up.

We planned on running four rounds of qualifying but computer issues forced James of RC Pro to set up the mains based on qualifying after the re-sort.  This worked to my favor in E-buggy where I was TQ, and in nitro I ended up starting fourth on the grid.  If I’m not in the top three I’d rather be in the bottom three so I can go around the first turn pile up instead of being in the middle of it.

Computer issues also caused the main times to be lowered, and the electric triple A’s were now 5min double A’s.  By now there was a light groove on the track and there were a lot of spots in the corners, and on some jumps, that were a little blown out.  I decided to run M3 BigBlox on my MBX6 Eco for the electric races.  They were two hard fought battles with Ty Rogers and I swapping leads all the way down to the last lap.  In the end I ended up being a little more consistent and won both mains, giving me the title in E-Buggy.

In nitro, like I feared, I was in the middle of the first turn pile up and came out of it in 8th.  It was a 20min main so I felt as though I had plenty of time to catch the leaders.  Even though the track was pretty rough I could push my MBX7, powered by P5XLT, harder than others with M3 Blockades and made my way back up to 3rd.  My pit guy called me in to pit, but I stayed out, tried to stretch it, and I ran out of fuel!!!  He got be back out there and I managed to salvage fifth place.

It was a great weekend of weather, and a great weekend of racing!  With all the issues we were having with the computers it’s nothing short of a miracle we were able to  race.  James, RC Pro, and the TNT Raceway crew are to be commended for the way they handled the situation.

Until next time,
Reggie Tongue