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Blais Racing Report – TNS Round 7

Top Notch Series Round 7
March 30th, 2013
Revelation Raceway

By Chris Blais:
Revelation RC Raceway would be the last stop for the Top Notch Racing Series for 2013.  This would be the lightest turnout for the series with it being the last race, Easter weekend and the only outdoor race of the series.  I was worried coming into this round (being in a wheelchair) as when I was here a couple years ago, I was unable to drive at this track due to the wheelchair access being way lower than everyone else. The track owner has raised this area another 2 feet since I had been there and it was much better, but still 7+ feet lower than everyone else’s view. Before the event, the track owner did modify one section of the track to keep it easier for a wheelchair user to see the track. It did work out ok but it sure would have been nice to be on the same level as everyone else. (I’m in the red shirt and hat, lower right).

In Pro 4 I had some decent qualifying runs but both had some mistakes. I qualified near the front of the field with my Venom Powered Tekno SCT410. In the main event I made a couple small mistakes that would have me finish up in 5th overall. It would be a great year for me and I would finish up with the Pro 4 Championship for the Top Notch Series.

I would also have a great run with my Team Associated B44.2 buggy in the Open 4×4 buggy class. Two of my competitors both didn’t come prepared with front tires for their buggies so I loaned both of them some Pro-Line Holeshot tires so we could have some great racing. I would qualify 2nd and have a great Main event run with Nick Sava and Josh Mitchell. I had a couple of mistakes trying to run tight race lines as the buggy was hiding behind the tall pipes on the far side of the track. I would end up with a 3rd place in the Main event. I would take 2nd Overall for the Series Championship with my Coyote Hobbies, Venom, Pro-Line, Tekin, Team Associated B44.2 Buggy. Thank you to all our sponsors that help us out. Congratulations to Josh Mitchell for taking the Series championship in 4×4 Open Buggy.


Open 4wd Buggy A Main at Revelation Raceway in the Top Notch Racing Series Round 7


Chris Blais’ Team Associated B44.2 buggy


1/8 Scale Buggy would go pretty good for me for the weekend. I really like the way the Tekno EB48 works outdoors. I just need more experience outdoors for sure. I would qualify 10th in the A main and had nothing to lose. I got tagged in the back in the first turn and had to work my way back up. My Pro-Line Tazer tires were hooked up, helping me get 5th place in the main event. This would put 3 drivers tied for 2nd place for the series. With my good consistent finishes all year I would get the 2nd Place championship when all was said and done.


By Nick Blais:
The indoor series goes outdoors! Time for real dirt, no more clay. I live only a few minutes away from the track and it was my off Friday so I was able to get some practice in before race day. I got onto the track with my 1/8 scale Tekno Buggy and I felt right at home. I changed absolutely nothing on the car from what I run indoors. It was really only about my Pro-Line tire selection. The track was really smooth with a loose top layer and huge jumps. I loved the layout.

First qualifier came and went, with really bad runs for all my classes. Second qualifier came and it was getting really hot out so they decided to start watering every round which really helped out with traction. I was able to put three solid runs together. I was able to TQ with my Tekno 1/8 buggy with Pro-Line soft Tazers. It really surprised me because I had a glue job go bad half way through the race and it became a paddle tire for the rest of the heat. I had a Solid Run in my Tekno SCT410 and was to line up on the grid 5th for the start. I had a great run with my Pro-Line Pro-2 truck and pulled a huge gap from whoever was chasing me. I was passing the entire 5 minute round. Come to find out when I checked the main event sheet that my transponder must not have been working for about 2.5 minutes because they had me qualifying in 11th. I was to report this problem and he was only able to use my first run that was not that great. That put me into 7th qualifier for the main. For a “Top Notch Series” I was surprised that it was not caught when the race started.

1/8 scale race was to come first. I was able to start off smooth and just pull away from there. I did not make a single mistake the entire race. My Venom powered Tekin Electronics kept my Tekno running full blast the entire race. I took off and started pulling away little by little. I probably had about a 5 second lead half way through the race. I was hitting all the jumps all the way to the finish line taking 1st place to finish off the series. I ended up in a tie for 2nd in the series and ended up getting 4th for the series because of throw out races determining the placing. The only bummer is that I have only been running Tekno vehicles for half the series and that has been what has been making the difference in my good finishes.


Nick Blais’ Pro-Line/ Venom backed Tekno EB48


1/8 Scale Buggy at Revelation Raceway at the Top Notch Racing Series Round 7 with Nick Blais


Pro 4wd SC was up about half way through the race program. The start of this race was pretty sweet for me being that I started 5th on the grid and by the end of the straight away I was to hit a double that no one else was doing especially on the first lap and landed into 2nd right behind Chad Panek. I made a mistake right after the sweet pass and somehow got going right away and the chase was on. I felt that I had the speed to win this after my confidence boost from the buggy race but I just made to many little bobbles that played a toll in my finish. I was able to power my way to a 3rd place finish. I was running Pro-Line Tazers on my truck as well as a Pro-Line Flo-Tek body to fly over the huge jumps at revelation raceway. Even with all the hard hits my Tekin electronics and venom batteries were taking, everything kept working flawless for all the practice/racing I could dish out. I ended up 3rd for the series with Tekno taking the top 3 spots on the podium.


Pro 4 at Revelation Raceway at the last Top Notch Racing Series Round 7 with Nick Blais


Pro 2 SC was the last electric race on the schedule. I got off to a good start being that I had to start pretty far back being that my transponder was not working in my qualifying race. I believe that I went from first to last about 3 times in this race. We had to deal with a lot of conditions that were hard to drive in. No traction for one, the wind was ridiculous trying to drive a 2wd SC truck. The track was dry in some spots and wet in others because the wind was messing up the sprinkler system. After getting hit several times probably not on purpose, but due to traction I was to finish up 7th place with my Pro-Line Pro-2 truck. I ended up 4th for the series.


Pro 2 Mod Short Course A Main at Round 7 Top Notch Racing Series at Revelation Raceway with Nick Blais


I had a good time in the Top Notch Series, I would like to see a little more organization in the series but overall it was pretty smooth running.  I would like to thank Blais Racing Services, Pro-Line, Coyote Hobbies, Venom, Tekno, and Tekin for all their great products that keep my cars in action.


1/8th Scale E Buggy Podium, Jake Thayer 2nd, Nick Blais 1st, Lucas Sanford 3rd.


Stock Short Course at Round 7 Top Notch Racing Series at Revelation Raceway with Martin Blais


Sportsman 4×4 Short Course at Round 7 Top Notch Racing Series at Revelation Raceway with Martin Blais


Martin Blais would finish up the Top Notch Series in 5th place Sportsman Stock SC, 5th place in Sportsman 4wd SC, and 8th place in 1/8 Scale E-Buggy
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