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Bunny Boiler Cup – In Depth Report

The Bunny Boiler Cup was a 2 day race meeting with 2 rounds of practice, 5 rounds of qualification on the Saturday and one round of qualification Sunday morning plus finals.

We have attended this track before but they have laid some new fresh clay down on top of the dirt, which made the track more consistent, very smooth with various jumps and some small bump sections.  We decided that we would try the M4 Hole Shot 2 Tyre in practice which were very good but we felt we needed more of a block tyre as the track was becoming a little bit loose on some of the corner sections so through the qualification we decided we should try some Diamond Backs as Elliott has really liked these tyres a lot and has had some great results from them this season.

We headed into qualification.  We did a run on the M4 Hole Shot which enabled us to TQ the round then we decided that we would try an M4 Diamond Back for the next 2 rounds and again perfect driving and another 2 TQ’s in the bag.  Elliott felt the Diamond Backs certainly gave him a lot more bite and gave him amazing drive out the corners with lots of traction.  The car looked much faster all round.  In the final rounds of qualification we decided we would like to try the new X Compound so we glued up a new set of X3 Diamond Backs and immediately noticed the difference in corner speed and traction.  The car was more consistent and stable and with this great tyre combination he was able to set the fastest time of the weekend and secure the TQ spot.

On Sunday morning we headed into our last round of qualification but already comfortably on TQ spot we wanted to have a clean sweep and be able to TQ all 5 rounds.  We decided to keep the X3 Diamond Backs on the car and again with great speed was able to TQ that round.  The wear on the tyres was absolutely brilliant.  We were able to do 3 rounds of qualification on the same set of tyres but we would be glueing a new set up for the main final, which was 30 minutes.  We headed into the Main A Final on the Sunday, again with our X3 Diamond Back tyres on and was able to lead the race from start to finish.

A great weekend of racing and a great result with the X3 compound and the Diamond Back tyre.  Everywhere we have run that tyre it has certainly worked well on our car.

Elliott and Chris Boots