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Pro-Line ION 2wd Buggy Front Tire Review – RCInsider.com

In 1:10th scale RC racing, 2WD Buggy is considered to be the the top tier of the racing community and improving upon a stellar platform can be a huge difficulty. There have been a few tires around for years and manufactures have developed cars around these tires so making a change in tread, compound, or carcass shape can do more to the way cars handle then most would think. My go to front tire for sometime has been Pro-Line’s Scrubs in MC compound. They were a very versatile that could have a lot of steering when worn down but always had a significant push when the tire was new. The downside of this is that if I didn’t have a set of worn tires and needed some I would have to massage the tire into what I needed by doing a few things to it.

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This Past weekend I was at the 1st round of the JBRL held at world famous OC/RC Raceway in Huntington Beach CA. My cars felt great and I was ready for a serious day of racing. About 20 minutes before the race I was approached by Pro-Line Racing’s Matt Wallace who had 2 tires in his hand that I had never seen. He let me know these were the new Pro-Line Racing ION Front tires for 2WD buggy that people had been asking for. I let him know that I would test them out when I had time and get back to him. At that point he let me know that he would like me to glue them up and run them in the first round of qualifying.

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Now anyone that is a serious racer knows that tires dont work when they are new… or do they?

I glued them up with open cell foam, slapped them on my car, and then handed a wrench to a teammate along with my Scrubs in case I needed him to swap me out for the start of the race. By the end of warm ups I was shocked. I had just bolted on the best tire that I had ever driven and I hadn’t even scrubbed it in before hitting the track with it. The tire wasn’t twitchy, it didn’t push, and it had steering through the entire corner. I WAS IN LOVE!!!!

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As the day progressed the tire picked up a little more traction and my confidence in it improved even more. This was by far the best tire I had ever run. I also had a chance to speak with a few other driver who had driven the tire and all had great things to say. Pro-Line Driver Cody Tuner from Team Kyosho couldn’t even get words out when asked, he just had too much excitement. Nick “Wallnutz” Wautlet from Team Associated said “#freaking awesome and #best tire ever” when asked about them. I still don’t know what he meant.

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I’ve never had a front tire that did exactly what I wanted when I wanted until I bolted on a set of ION Fronts. This one is a game changer!

Note: Special thanks to Travis Brock for sending in this special review!

Source: Travis Brock, RCInsider.com