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Zack Genova and Pro-Line Win Two Mod Classes at Region 4 Championships

Friday was practice for our Regional 4 Championships. We tested set ups and tires choices through out the day. It was overcast and pretty chilly so the track was pretty loose. Not knowing if the sun would be out in the next couple days, we found what what was working and made notes in case the weather stayed the same. If the sun came out, it would be super high bite within hours. The track was a new layout and was flowing and lots of fun with a new triple and step up table top.

Saturday started 3 rounds of qualifying using the qualifier points system and Sunday would be all the mains, including triple A mains for all classes. The sun never did break through, so we went with what we tested Friday. Qualifying went very smooth and Zack made all 4 mains, Mod 2wd, Mod 4wd, Mod SC and Mod Truck. We prepped late into the night, getting ready for Sunday’s mains.

Sunday, while everyone was hoping for some sun to heat up the track, it stayed overcast all day. In Mod Truck, Pro-Line‘s Zack Genova secured the overall win in the first 2 mains. In Mod Short Course the overall was undecided until A 3.  Zack took the win and the overall. In Mod 2wd the overall was also undecided going into A3. Zack had a 2nd so a win would tie and go to the fastest time tie breaker, which he was shooting for. Some rough and overly aggressive driving early on put him into a pipe and in catch up mode, and although he wheeled the tires off the buggy once he was turn marshaled, he was unable to get back to the 2 car lead pack, ending up with a 5th overall.

Overall a great and action packed 3 day event with huge props going out to Shiverville Raceway owners Ken and Cheryl Shiver along with their great track crew!

Zack won running Pro-Line BullDog and Flo-Tek bodies, Pro-Line MC Scrubs and MC Suburbs, Pro-Line wheels.

“My Pro-Line MC tires were straight hooked up all weekend even when the track was loose and everyone was fighting for traction, thank you Pro-Line for your support” – Zack Genova

 Pro-Line's Zack Genova

 Pro-Line's Zack Genova 1:10 Truck Win
TQ and Win Mod Stadium Truck

 Pro-Line's Zack Genova SC Win
TQ and Win Mod Short Course