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Top 5 for Pollack at JC Indoor Nationals.


It was Finally time for round 5 of the JConcepts Indoor National Series which was being held in Ocala, Florida.   Dad and I made the 1.5 hour trip north.  When we arrived Friday for Practice Newred Hobbies put in a fresh layout and man was it hooked up.  Traction was out of control. New tires appeared to be to much so we went to used m3 suburbs and that was good.  Then we seen some running slicks.

Saturday was here and time for 3 rounds of Qualifying up first was the Sc race finished 2nd and in my heat and 4th overall for Rd1.  Next was race Truck  truck still not to my liking and finished 4th.  Rd 2 came around switched to MC Suburbs sanded down and that was the ticket won Qual 2 and a 2nd for the rd.  Truck was better put in a solid run and finished 3rd

So after 3 rounds of qualifying were done I was sitting 3rd overall in Race Truck and 4th 0verall in SC.  Sunday came and we had one more qualifier and Triple A-mains.  Sc broke in qual 4 and finished 5th in Race truck was a rough Start to Mains Day.

After the Triple  A-mains ended up 5th overall in gas truck and just missing out on the podium with SC finishing 6th.  Overall it was a great time and I had a lot of fun.

I would like to Thanks to all my Sponsors for your support, Pro-Line Racing, Fantom Racing and Modxrc.

Products Used

T4 Bull Dog Body
MC Suburbs Front and Rear

Pro-Line Toyota  SC Body
Pro-Line MC Suburbs for SC

Pro-Line Rims on T4 and SC