Factory Team / Race Events


Today we showed up to find that an overnight storm had tore thru the track toppling the AE pits. Net result was a very wet track.


Crew and racers got after repairs. Those who were not on track duty told stories of Worlds past.

Once the seeding practice got under way, team Pro-Line went to work positioning themselves into the best possible qualifying heats. Round one had Pro-Line setting a blistering pace on the new X3 Bow-Tie 2.0. Ty Tessmann also had a great run on the x3 Diamond Backs. Kyle McBride was next of the PL boys running his favorite, M3 Calibers.

The heat and humidity was unbearable for most, but it didn’t hinder Ryan Cavalieri, Adam Drake and Cody King from finding the set up they were looking for.

I believe we were all equally happy to wrap this day up and trek across the bridge.

Schedule has qualifying starting tomorrow  but weather is not looking good at all. Stay tuned!!!