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Robert Raphael Race Report

Italian Championship 2012


I traveled to Italy for the Championship Outdoor 1/8 Electro taking place in Forli this year. The track is located in a park, club Electro exclusively. The track is perfect for the eighth Electro. Saturday is reserved for free trials and Sunday will be devoted to the race.

On Saturday, we clearly see the fastest riders. The hardware is fine but when I encounter glitches interference, I decided to put all new equipment (radio, ESC, motor, battery, servo, module, receiver) and it does not change anything. Saturday night the last 2 packs show no concern for interference.

Some drivers have to have small interference may be due to the antenna relay next to the track
Will take place on Sunday 5 qualifying, and 3 finals. During these five qualifiers, I can not do better than the third time. The car is good, but overtaking is sometimes quite virile and small interference does not help. Pole for Passarini before Di Michele and me.

During the first final, I finished 2-3 seconds behind the winner with only 1 small interference.
At the second end, the first, Passarini, both will win this race and therefore the championship. For my part from the beginning to the end I engaged in a battle for second place with Fabrizio Di Michele. It ends with two 0.3 sec ahead of me.

During the final third, I made out with 2 drivers and departure, not very fair play but I had to finish before Di Michele to finish second overall. I last good restarts and I decided to give up to get back on the first. After 4 minutes, I’m behind on that Passarini Di Michele missed and provides the back. But Di Michele made two mistakes in a row and I pass it. I leave Passarini board to ensure second place.

For this race , I’m using the Blockade on M3 with a perfect grip & endurance.

I’m pretty disappointed with the fairplay of some drivers, but this weekend allowed me to meet some great people friendly, new faces and see the level Italian eighth Electro was very good.

Belgian Championship
Black Countrty Area, Charleroi 

This weekend took place the last round of the championship of Belgium 1/10 Short course & 1/8 Electro.
The track welcomed  this last round was the BCA (black country arena) located in Charleroi.
The track is exclusively Astroturf, quite small, which requires speed and accuracy with different combos.

In Short Course, I realize the TQ & win with only 15 laps and lap record & having won the final three. What gives me the title in 2012 with 4wd SC 3TQ/Wins & 2nd place on 4 races sailed.

In 1/8, is leading the championship, I had to finish in the top 4 for the title.
I realize by taking the average qualifying third time. Hard to mix SC 4wd &  1/8.

In the final, when I first final is locked and can not do better than 4. I won the second final at the 3rd I just keep my 3rd place makes me finish 3rd in the last round and therefore also as 1/8.

After the title of champion of France National 1/8 Nitro, 2nd championship Italy 1/8 Electro , I’m wins the Belgian title on 4wd SC & 1/8 Electro 2012.

Very good season and a big thank you to the support for Pro-Line. I’ve always had the best tires at each race.

Best rgds,
Robert raphael

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