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Pro-Line Upgrades for your Duratrax Evader Brushless



When I think of the phrase ‘Bang for your Buck”, the Evader Brushless falls right at the top of the list. At just under $250.00, this truck offers a world class, race inspired suspension / chassis, Brushless Motor Power and a 2.4GHZ Radio System made by Futaba.

The truck is very impressive out of the box and you can make it an awesome track or back yard ripper with some of Pro-Line Racing’s Performance Upgrades.

The trucks suspension is pretty good out of the box but as usual, the stock shocks are the weakest link so they had to go. I upgraded from the stock shocks to  our 6063-00 Front and 6063-01 Rear Powerstroke SC Shocks. Be sure to pick up the 6063-05 Universal Hardware kit as well. This will make mounting the shocks allot easer.

One thing I ran into on installing the front shocks is that the slot in the lower front A arm is a little narrower than the width of the lower ball on the Power Stroke SC #6063-00 Front shocks. You can either grind the width of the ball down or slightly open up the slot with a large flat bladed screw driver.

Next I turned to the Wheels and Tires.  The Stock ones don’t offer allot of traction for the amount of power this truck is capable of delivering. Since I will be running on and of the track, I opted for a set of the tried and true 8170-01 Gladiator 2.2” M2 Compound tires. These give great all around traction and are high wearing tires with the most versatile traction to variable surface capabilities. For wheels, I used the Velocity 2.2” Dyeable truck wheels 2635-00 Front and 2636-00 Rears.

Finally I finished it off with the #3349-00 T4.1 BullDog body.  Be careful in drilling your body post holes as the ones marked are for the T4.1 and Do Not align up with the Evaders post positions. You will need to mark and drill them in different locations when installing it on the Evader chassis.

In this case, I pre-trimmed my body before I painted it. This allowed me to position the body where I wanted it to sit on the chassis. I then mark the body post hole positions on the protective outer film for later reference. Always leave the outer protective film on and  only remove it after you have finished painting the body  (and drilling your body post holes).

I hope you enjoyed this article on upgrades for the Evader Brushless. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at: customerservice@prolineracing.com