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Ken Rand 2nd at RC Pro Series East Rd 3

Ken Rand 2nd Pro Buggy

RC Pro Series East Rd 3 was held at Cape Fear Raceway in NC Aug 24 to Aug 26, 2012. With about a half an inch of rain the night before and a lot of track prep by the crew during the entire week prior to this race, a lot of hard work was put into having the race with the conditions we had.  The track crew put down a lot of sawdust the morning of the race in order to soak up as much water as they could from the track.

Qualifying-  All of the qualifiers were really wet and my M3 Calibers worked awesome on the slick soft and muddy track.  They dug in deep and found plenty of traction when needed.  Took 3rd overall in qualifying even with a tossed run due to a faulty receiver switch.  3 rounds and qual points so luckily I had 2 good runs.

Main event-Started third and couldn’t believe how awesome my new set of M3 Blockades were working as it got chillier out (roughly 75 degrees)  and the track had developed quite an icy slick “wet groove.”  Started third and after a few bobbles found myself in forth by about the 5 minute mark of the 30 min main.  I put my head down and laid down ultra consistent lap times and shortly after my first pit I would find myself in second and stay there the remainder of the race.  My Blockades were still in great shape after the 30 min main!