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The Wicked Weekend – Ryan Lopez Race Report

This past weekend was the “Wicked Weekend” held in Gainsville, GA with about 220 entries total. The track layout was really fun but simple with only turning 25 second lap times. There were also some fast regional guys attending the event as well. Everything with Pro-Line worked great and I couldn’t be happier. I managed to grab the TQ and win Pro Truggy over the other guys. The Buggy main I also managed TQ but had some mishaps in the pit which caused me to go back from first to third but overall was a good race weekend. I’m not sure what my dad was thinking when I came into the pit for my buggy on the last pit stop, but he unfortunately put the fuel gun into my engine head instead of the gas tank which therefore stalled my motor out and costed me first place, but hopefully that won’t happen again!  Thanks for everything Pro-Line!