Factory Team

Tanner Stees talks about Pro-Line

I started running Pro-Line products at the begging of the 2012 season.  I have been running the BullDog bodies on my Team Associated B4.1, JQ Products THE Car, and TLR Eight T 2.0. For my Team Associated SC10 I have been running the new Flo-Tek Ford F-150 Raptor SVT body. The bodies have been performing very well, giving all my cars more down force and a lot more steering then what I was used to.  The Flo-Tek body also handles jumps with no problem at all and doesn’t have any parachute effect on the bigger jumps.

The Pro-Line tires have been performing great as well.  The Blockade and Hole Shot 2.0 perform extremely well on my JQ Products THE Car at Fear Farms were the Nitro Challenge is now being held.  The truggy performs very good with Hole Shot VTR at Fear Farm.  Whenever you put Hole Shots on the truck is becomes extremely fast with plenty of traction and more than enough steering to handle any corner on the track.  The tires that I found work the best for short course are the Hole Shot 2.0.  I also found that the tires that work the best for the B4.1 are the Hole Shot 2.0 and Suburbs in the back and I’m using the Scrubs or 4-Ribs in the front tires depending on the track.  With both the electric cars I run the Pro-Line aluminum hexes all the way around in front and rear. They keep the power to the rears and solid steering input


I have a lot racing coming up in the fall and I look forward to continued success with my Pro-Line Racing products.

Tanner Stees