Friends of Pro-Line

Thousand Pines Camp

Check out the pictures that our friend Steve Burgess sent us from Thousand Pines Camp. Pro-Line had an opportunity to help out with some tires for the kids at the camp. Thanks Steve! 

This Last week my Daughter Erin Burgess attended a camp up in the Lake Arrowhead area of Southern California. After arriving, she promptly texted me saying they had an RC track. Knowing I was coming up to take pictures of our campers she asked me to bring up her Losi Truck.


The track is located right in the middle of the camp around some trees with a small driver stand on one side. I talked with many of the kids whom said they had never run an RC car before. It was exciting to see the smiles on their faces while playing with their RC cars. The best part is it wasn’t just the boys out there but a fair amount of girls too.

I quickly posted a few pics of the track on Facebook and Mike Braun, a local RC racer and On-road Race Director here in SoCal, said his son was up the week before tearing up the track. Word spread and before I knew it the recreations director Brent Darling was over talking to me. I told him that I had never seen an RC track at a camp and asked how they had decided on it. Brent said, “We are always looking to being new activities to camp that most kids don’t get the opportunity to do. We were debating between RC and Mini Golf. We came to the conclusion that an RC track would be a more exciting experience and something that kids didn’t see a lot of. Out overall mission at Thousand Pines Christian Camp is to “See, know, and experience God”. As of right now, the RC course is more of a fun attraction to get kids excited about the camp. Then while the kids are here we hope that they get to experience God through our Chapels and Staff. ”


The cars were a bit used up and had been beaten on for several months by this point, so I lent a hand with some repairs. That’s when I contacted my good friend Gerardo at Pro-Line to see if I could get some help. Uncle Don’s Hobbies in Palm Desert also helped out with some spare parts.

I would like to thank Pro-Line for helping out this great outreach. It’s something special to see a kid that has never had a chance to play with an RC car light up with excitement. Hopefully with some help from the RC community this is something that will be around for many years to come at Thousand Pines Camp.


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