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Pollack Wins St Truck @ Jconcepts Summer Tour Rd 2

This past weekend was round 2 of the Jconcepts Summer Tour.  Dad and I traveled to EHZ Raceway in Winter Haven Florida.  The gates opened @ 7:30 and Racing would begin at 10 am. We arrived at 8am and I began to set the buggy and truck up for practice.  The track was loamy and slick.  I threw on some M4 Hole Shots and the cars felt pretty good considering the condition of the track.  With 83 strong showing up, I knew it was going to be an intense battle.

Rd 1 got under way and buggy I was first up in race 2 and then in truck was in race 7.  Buggy qualifiers got underway and I was running 2nd  with 30 sec to go when the computer shut down and the race did not count. 🙁  Truck race was up and truck was awesome.  With M4 Hole Shots in rear and Edge tires up front I lead the entire Qualifier and Set TQ for Rd 1.  We  re-ran the Buggy race and I still ended up 2nd but 4th overall after Rd1.  So had a little work to do on buggy needed more Steering.

Rd 2 started and with changes I made I was ready to go.  Buggy was up again and the track was a little slicker this rd so the buggy not as good.  I ended up 5th on the grid for the Buggy A-main.  The truck race was up and the track started to grove up nicely. I had a great start but popped a ball cup and ended up 2nd losing my 1st rd TQ by 2sec.  So I was starting 2nd on the grid for the truck Main.

There was a 20 min break while the track crew got the track and heat sheets ready for the Mains.  Mains finally came around and I was starting 5th in Buggy.  The tone sounded and off we went in to turn 1. 3 and 4th got tangled up and up to 3rd I went battling with Jconcepts Driver Dan Borkowicz and Alan Wight for the top spot.  I moved into 2nd only to make an early mistake and slip back into third.  To many mistakes trying to push the buggy and ended up 4th overall.

1 Wight, Alan 2 25 6:12.223 13.890   1
2 Castaneda Daniel 5 23 6:03.041 14.117   8
3 Borkowicz, Dan 6 23 6:05.581 14.041 2.540 2
4 Pollack, Tilar 9 23 6:14.157 14.485 8.576 5

Truck was up next and starting 2nd on the grid.  Tone sounded and early mistake trying to cut inside stuffed the piped and dropped all the way to last. Thanks for the 6 minute mains.  By the 4 minute mark had myself  back into 2nd 4 secs behind the Leader.  1 minute to was only behind less than a sec.  The leader, a local guy, Graig Lowe, was starting to make mistakes and pushed to hard and popped a ball cup.  I got around for the lead and never looked back.

1 Pollack, Tilar 4 21 6:09.889 14.708   2
2 Lowe, Craig 5 20 6:02.436 15.074   1
3 Sage, Mike 2 20 6:03.585 15.892 1.149 5
4 Morich, Scott 1 20 6:17.176 16.836 13.591 4
5 Brown, Jeff SR 3 18 5:56.746 16.440