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BigSquidRC’s Helion Dominus Part 5 – Installing Upgraded Off Road Tires

The Helion Dominus has proven itself an extremely poplar bash machine, so popular in fact that it won BigSquid’s March Bashness contest against some very stiff competition. Many of the people that have chosen the Dominus as their basher of choice use it strictly off road. While the stock Dominus tires do a sufficient job off road, they are far from offering the best traction possible. Over the last few months we have tried a multitude of different tires on our Dominus and have determined that we like the Pro-Line Badlands and the Pro-Line Renegade Wheels the best for all around off road bashing.

Comparing the stock Dominus tires to the Pro-Line Badlands is like comparing a dual sport motorcycle tire to the full blown race knobbies on Chad Reeds Honda. The stock tires are very tame while the Badlands have huge knobbies made to shovel rock, dirt clods, and mud. It didn’t make a difference where we drove our Dominus, the Badlands gave a lot more traction than the stockers ever did, making an immediate and dramatic improvement in how the truck drove. Even Cubby couldn’t quit talking about what an improvement the Badlands made to our Dominus and I totally agree with him, the difference was quite pronounced. If you bash your Dominus off road we can’t recommend the upgrade to Badlands tires highly enough.

In the next installment of “Modding The Helion Dominus” we’ll be mounting up a new body to improve looks, durability and to improve in-flight aerodynamics, stay tuned!

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