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GoPro In-Car Video of Square Fuzzie SC Tires

Here is a video that we got using Chilly’s GoPro Camera mounted inside my SC10 running a 17.5 motor in the Mod SCT class. There were very few stock SCT so we just ran Mod and Stock all together.  The GoPro affected the truck in both good ways and bad, since it was windy that night the camera made my SCT jump great, although I did roll over a few times in the tight high speed corners.

I ran SCT Square Fuzzie M3 tires with V2 Closed cell foam. With the added weight of the GoPro Camera the Pro-Line’s Square Fuzzies really dug into the track with great forward bite!  The little bit of loose loam helped from traction rolling over with the higher center of gravity that the GoPro created, but the Square Fuzzies provided the perfect amount of side bite to slide around the corner under control without traction rolling over and be able to accelerate hard out of the corners. These Square Fuzzies landed me in 1st Place in Mod SCT along with TQ.